Yohanna’s performance of Is It True? features a cellist, a feathery red dress and images of the heavens. This imitation features sports equipment, white curtains and an eccentric Turkish man. Yohanna’s voice is better, but some people may argue that the Turkish man is more entertaining!

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[…] of supporters gathered in Reykjavik’s town center on Monday to welcome home Yohanna, the runner-up at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. She performed her single Is It True? […]


nobody was searing. i see somebody here was swearing about turkish countries. anyway, just ask armeninan what means “Jan Jan”. where did they get that word? and go see turkish or azeri vocabulary(dictionary) what it means.
music was good, i do not say anything bad about that. actually i liked the clip.


thanks from turkey. 12 poiıts will goto greece


[…] Is It True?, Yohanna, Iceland Iceland: Yohanna […]


hi alana — i love yohanna’s voice! i even wrote a post on it: http://wiwibloggs.wordpress.com/2009/04/30/iceland-is-it-true-yohanna-really-can-sing/


you don’t know how to appreciate a good song!
this song is gonna be in the top,not your favourite (we know who) because it’s sending a message,and we can understand what she says. and we know that “some people” are turks who are supporting dumb turk turk song.and she has a voice 100000000000000000000000 better than hadise


[…] native of Denmark who moved to Iceland at the age of 2, is already a superstar in her adopted home. Now she’s set to take Europe by storm with Is It True?, a ballad that channels Nashville, Tennessee more than […]


His name is Nikola Tomasevic!

(Reference: http://www.songsforeurope.com/andrea.html)