Sasha Son Is Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2009


Lithuania's Sasha Son

On May 10, Wiwi started his search for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model. After consulting with Europe’s top modeling agencies, he narrowed the field down to nine man-tastic finalists (in alphabetical order): Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Norway and Switzerland. After counting 6,935 votes, Wiwi can now reveal that Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model. . .is. . .Sasha Son from Lithuania.

And, sorry gentleman. After consulting with several Eurovision experts, Wiwi can also reveal that Sasha is not gay. Several sources say he recently split with his longtime girlfriend.


(1) Lithuania: 65% (4,494)

(2) Greece: 16% (1,083)

(3) Azerbaijan: 7% (496)

(4) Norway: 6% (412)

(5) Hungary: 2% (171)

(6) Switzerland: 2% ( 118)

(7) Germany: 1% (101)

(8) Denmark: 0.4% (33)

(9) Bosnia: 0.4% (28)

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