Tabloid Attacks Romania’s Elena Gheorghe

Wiwi was horrified to read accusations in Britain’s Daily Mail that Elena was lip-synching during the final.

The paper speculates that the extraneous woman standing stage left was actually providing lead vocals. It’s true that there was a lady standing near the LCD screen. But Wiwi thinks the claim is absolutely ridiculous. We’ve all heard Elena’s voice and it would have been really obvious if she hadn’t sung her part. A non-dancing back-up singer was necessary given how much moving Elena and her fellow Balkan Girls did. Wiwi assumes that this mystery woman provides the low voice that comes on during the song’s break before the final refrain. And having a non-dancing singer is perfectly within the rules.

Here’s what the Daily Mail says:

As the scantily-clad women performed, a lone figure was seen in the shadows, but Romania insisted she was simply a backing singer.

This speculation was fuelled by Norton who revealed competition rules state all performers must be present on stage, but that the rules said nothing about whether others could mime.

However Romania’s performance sparked speculation that the foxy lead singer could have been lip-syncing.

Elena has already rejected the accusation. “The allegations are ridiculous,” she told Romania’s Gandel. And Dan Manoliu, the chief of the Romanian Eurovision delegation, turned the insult into a compliment. He joked that Elena must have sung really well to convince people she was lip-synching.Â

[Thanks to Ramona for pointing this drama out to Wiwi, and to “usrboss” for informing Wiwi that Elena had responded].