Chiara Siracusa’s Homecoming Marked By Disappointment

chiaraMalta’s big-boned, big-voiced Chiara Siracusa returned to Malta on May 17, one day after finishing 22nd at Eurovision. “At the moment I’m angry,” a visibly upset Chiara told the Times of Malta. “But the Eurovision is a game and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.” Even so, she remains dismayed as to why Malta’s  traditional Eurovision allies—Albania, Greece, Cyprus and Belgium—chose to give their top points to other countries.

Chiara, who finished third in 1998 and second in 2005,  must now resume work as a secretary because being a star in Malta’s small music industry won’t support her family. Maltese journalists aren’t making her transition home any easier. Once described as “the pearl of Malta” and “as popular as Elton John” (in Cyprus and Greece, at least), she’s now being written off as a has-been. When Chiara revealed that she may enter Eurovision for a fourth time, one journalist wrote that “one downfall does not seem to have been enough” and predicted that “she won’t even make it to the final.” Still another mocked her entry What If We? as What If We. . .Quit? And, if that weren’t harsh enough, he offered a dose of backhanded pity:

“The worst thing is that people will probably forget her podium finishes and just remember her flop. After all, every football manager will tell you that ‘a team is as good as the last game.'”

Wiwi finds this incredibly depressing. Chiara has one of the best voices that Eurovision has ever heard. She had fantastic rehearsals, placed sixth in her semi-final, and had Wiwi breathless during the live finale (he particularly liked her sassy head shake halfway through—only us sistas from the hood know how to do that). Sweet Chiara, don’t listen to the newspapers. You’re a star and you’ll be at Eurovision again. And if not, you can always enter some karaoke contests. xoxo, Wiwi