Tweets Reveal Dita von Teese ‘Stunned’ By Eurovision Voting


When burlesque star Dita von Teese agreed to writhe on stage with Oscar Loya, she hoped tele-voters would show Germany some love. Alas, not even straddling a sofa in a black bustier was enough: Germany finished in twentieth position.

Dita, Miss Teese if you’re nasty, played the eponymous role of Miss Kiss Kiss Bang, striking erotic poses on a sofa for two minutes. At the 2:20 mark (video below) she was introduced with great fanfare, perhaps owing to the fact that her ex-husband Marilyn Manson is a huge star in Germany. She then did a few uninspiring bobs, returned to the sofa, bent over and brandished a whip.

In a twitter message dated May 16, Dita revealed who her favorite acts were, and her shock that none cracked the Top 5:

stunned&amazed that the best performances were no where near the top rankings!Denmark,Ukraine,Estonia? All great shows and songs.Shocking!

That Miss von Teese supported Ukraine, perhaps best described as “a stripper in a hamster wheel,” shouldn’t surprise. Svetlana Loboda’s performance divided Europe with its non-stop raunchiness, like when she sat on a well-built, shirtless man’s face while singing, “We’re gonna do the bom bom.” Wiwi doesn’t speak Ukrainian, but bom bom comes through loud and clear.

Oscar and Dita

Oscar and Dita

Below you’ll find Dita’s tweets from when she landed in Moscow on May 14 until the results show on the evening of May 16. They’re in reverse order (sorry, Wiwi doesn’t fully grasp this new web platform), so you’ll need to read backwards. Apparently she’s a huge fan of Armenia. She also references the scandal in which Russian officials told her to respect “cultural differences.” Translation? “We better not see your tits.”

  1. stunned&amazed that the best performances were no where near the top rankings!Denmark,Ukraine,Estonia? All great shows and songs.Shocking!
  2. Vote number Germany 17 now!!!
  3. The solution to this eurovision censorship is a slight compromise…..on my own terms. Watch for it.
  4. Pushkin Cafe, lovely!!!
  5. Armenia is doing their dress rehearsal right now, and they have no game without the cateye eyeliner. Better start painting, ladies…. !
  6. It’s the coat removal they have a problem with, the corset is too low cut. The argument is about respecting other countries’ beliefs.Valid?
  7. waking up,pondering the boob debate.I’m quite happy to stay dressed,but frankly surprised at Eurovision being more tame than the MTV awards!
  8. @hrsaylor five foot four and a half, so like anyone would I usually round up-lie- and say five foot five when asked!
  9. At eurovision, The Armenians are killing me with their hair and especially the fierce cateye liner! LOVE! I am part Armenian, in fact.
  10. Hey, but what about the oiled-up guys in loincloths?!?
  11. Ps…. I didn’t take my boobs out. My offense is showing too much cleavage and flashing the edge of a Swarovski pastie. For the record….!
  12. Oooh!Nipplegate isn’t just for Americans anymore!Censored by eurovision!Offended by the deep plunging corset..? Its called EUROvision, no?
  13. In America, they tell you when pyro is going to go off two feet in front of you. But not in Moscow….!
  14. – Oooh, what should I eat before the show??
  15. – The view from my window this morning in Moscow.
  16. 11am press conference, then straight into filmed& judged dress rehearsals. That’s weird. Who films& judges rehearsals?!? Eurovision does!
  17. Quite a reception at the airport~ like having a reality show, ick! But, okay, so I like the white roses& the Bentley!Double edged sword…..