Jennifer Lopez in Baku?

jennifer-lopez-as-angelFresh off Arash and AySel’s third-place finish at the Eurovision Song Contest, Azerbaijan is gearing up to host the third annual Eurovision Dance Contest this September. Organizers in the “Land of Fire” are aiming high. “We are negotiating with Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue and Shakira to host,” Azad Rahimov, the nation’s minister of Youth and Sport, told the Azeri Press Agency on May 23. The previous two contests, held in London and Glasgow, were hosted by Graham Norton.

Wiwi would love to see diva Lopez search for accommodation in Baku. She would probably struggle to find the Grapefruit and Lime Blossom candles from beauty guru, Jo Malone, which she reportedly requires during travel. But she’d likely appreciate the sounds of traditional Azeri instruments like the tar (skin laced flute) and kamancha (skin faced spike fiddle), if only because they sound fleshy. Wiwi also worries that Lopez would end up in a cat fight with Aysel Temurzadeh, the Azeri beauty who placed third in Wiwi’s search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model. How much beautiful booty can Baku handle?