Montenegro’s Sexy Dancer at Eurovision 2009 Revealed

Nikola Tomasevic, Eurovision 2009For weeks wiwibloggs has been receiving e-mails asking him to identify the unbelievably gorgeous male dancer who accompanied Montenegro’s Andrea Demirovic on stage at Eurovision. briefly referred to him as a “very intense male dancer, dressed in all white” and later as a “Croatian-born dancer.” Now, wiwibloggs is pleased to reveal the dancer’s identity: Nikola Tomasevic.

Wiwi doesn’t know much about Nikola, but he does know that Nikola advanced to the quarterfinals of the 2007 World Championships of Latin Dancing with his then-partner Elena Stojkovic.

In the following video, Nikola performs alongside Serbian pop star Ana Nikolic at Serbia & Montengro’s 2006 Eurovision national contest. The act finished fifth. He’s on the far left for most of the performance.

Here you can see Nikola once again wearing all-white as he performs with Serbian pop star Emina Jahovic at the Sunčane Skale Musical Festival in 2004.

If you have any more deets on Nikola, please message Wiwi.