Estonia’s Sandra Nurmsalu

Photograph by Nick Druzyakin

Wiwi can’t speak a lick of Estonian, but he can’t stop listening to Randajad (Nomads or Travelers) by Urban Symphony. It’s all dark and mysterious—just like front-woman Sandra Nurmsalu. Besides having the bluntest bangs at Eurovision, she was honored as eighth-runner up in Wiwi’s search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model.

Estonia’s sixth place finish at Eurovision has expanded Narmsalu’s fan base. She spent seven years as part of the Estonian folk group Pillipiigad and three more with a group called Virre. But it was competing on Kaks takti etti, a popular talent show, that made Nurmsalu one of the hottest acts in Tallinn (hey, it’s harder than it sounds).

Here’s Urban Symphony competing in the final of Estonia’s national selection contest. They won with 82% of the televote:

Here’s Sandra competing on Kaks takti etti :

And again, looking straight fine with some red lipstick:

Finally, here’s Urban Symphony competing at Eurovision. Wiwi found his Estonian-English dictionary and thinks the chorus goes something like this:

It is the way they wander from one day to the next/ It is the way they wander from one life to the next/ It is the way it weaves an invisible path/ Before them it waits until you are ready to take the risk/ It is the way

Photograph by Nick Druzyakin