Cyprus Picks Christos Mylordou for Eurovision 2011

Christos Mylordou has won the right to represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2011 in Germany.

The 19-year old from Nicosia blew away the competition on the Cypriot talent contest ‘Performance,’ securing 11,000 votes—5,000 more than second-place finisher Louis Panagiotou.

Cypriot broadcaster CyBC will choose Mylordou’s song in later this year.

So far comments on the YouTube page haven’t been too kind. Some say he is “horrible” while others say he doesn’t know how to handle himself on stage. “He really should sing in Greek,” rozsdi95 writes. “His English pronounciation is just awful.” [Um, so is her English spelling — it’s “pronunciation.”]

What do you guys think of Christos? Watch his videos below and let Wiwi know!

Christos’ winning performance on ‘Performance’:

Studio version of Christos’ song “Ase Me” (Leave Me):