Meet Belgium’s 2011 Eurovision Finalists

Tom Dice: Belgium's Man in 2010

Belgium took the unorthodox approach of asking fans to narrow down the field of Eurovision 2011 hopefuls by donating five euros to their favorite. The first 12 who nabbed 20,000 euros made it to the final. Looks like the Belgians are looking for a singer with the power to make fans fork over cash.

Anyway, you can listen to the 12 finalists below!

The Blazing – Our way

Léa Clément – Où s’en vont nos rêves?

Syla K. – Simple love

Hélène – Our home

Steve Linden – C’est la musique

Bellyve – Nos pages, nos images

Joe Galli – Live my life

Hanni-D – Près de toi

Check back soon!

J-Cool – Dans ma chanson

Check back soon!

Witloof Bay – With love baby

Gautier Reyz – Addiction

Alexandre Deschamps – Elle merveille