Stella Mwangi’s Greatest Hits (VIDEO)

Stella: She has reason to smile

Long before Stella Mwangi became the red-hot favorite to win Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2011, she was a pioneer in Norway’s small but growing hip hop scene. Stella, also known as S.T.L., has topped the charts in Africa, performed for Nelson Mandella and written songs featured in films including “American Pie.” Here’s a quick tour of Stella’s greatest hits.

“Take It Back” was a huge hit in Scandinavia and Africa, and peaked at #1 on the East African charts in 2008:

“The Dreamer” was Stella’s second single:

“She Got It/Kool Girls” also reached #1 on the East African charts, and became one of the most played songs on MTV Base and Channel O, which broadcasts throughout Africa:

“Smile” — with lyrics:

“Haba Haba”—will it make all of Europe dance this summer?