Bookies: France’s Amaury Vassili and Norway’s Stella Are Early Favorites to Win Eurovision 2011

The bookies have released their first set of odds for Eurovision 2011, and they’re calling it a race between a Corsican opera star and a Norwegian rapper.

France’s Amaury Vassilli has earned the bookies’ early support and is the current favorite at 5. He’s followed closely by Kenyan immigrant and Norwegian pop star Stella, who stands at 6. Here’s a table of the current odds from various betting agencies. Notice that defending Eurovision winner Lena is sixth at 17/2…just behind Sweden’s Eric Saade at 8.

Ireland is keeping pace with Turkey? And Armenia’s Emmy has odds of 40:1? This is cray cray.

Here’s how the bottom half of the odds table looks. Is this any way to welcome San Marino and Italy back into the Eurovision fold?

The bookies frequently get it right—but they also have a knack at getting it wrong, especially with these early predictions. (Um, hello Kristina from Slovakia in 2010. I won’t tell you how much money Wiwi lost on her!!). Check out the first set of odds and predictions from 2010 to see what Wiwi means! Harel Skaat, the early favorite, ended up finishing 14th at Eurovision.