On April 2 wiwibloggs met with Europe’s top modeling agencies to determine which Eurovision contestants had the charisma—and the back muscles—to make it as international superstars. After heated deliberations and a few broken stilettos, Wiwi invited 30 men from the Eurovision family to compete in the semi-finals of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2011.

Contestants from Britain to Cyprus to Romania drank protein shakes, flashed their pearly whites and sang their hearts out to convince you they have what it takes to become Europe’s next big thing. The British contingent even staged a nude photo shoot, which prompted the Irishmen to respond with one of their own.

Following two months and 5,221 votes (2,142 in the semi-finals, and 3,079 in the finals), Wiwi is proud to announce that Russia’s Alexey Vorobyov is Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model.

The final results are as follows:

1. Russia’s Alexey Vorobyov (709 votes, 23.03%)
2. Sweden’s Eric Saade (517, 16.79%)
3. Greece’s Loucas Yiorkas (415, 13.48%)
4. U.K.’s Duncan James (Blue) (401, 13.02%)
5. Azerbaijan’s Eldar Gasimov (260, 8.44%)
6. U.K.’s Lee Ryan (208, 6.76%)
7. Romania’s David Bryan (164, 5.33%)
8. U.K.’s Simon Webbe (87, 2.83%)
9. Ireland’s Jedward (84, 2.73%)
10. France’s Amaury Vassili (82, 2.66%)
11. F.Y.R. Macedonia’s Vlatko Ilievski (51, 1.66%)
12. Finland’s Paradise Oskar (40, 1.3%)
13. Turkey’s Kenan Vural (34, 1.1%)
14. Malta’s Glen Vella (27, 0.88%)

From Russia with Love: Alexey’s “Bam Bam” music video:

Alexey, 23, was a star long before wiwibloggs began the hunt for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model. At the age of 17 he competed on the Russian version of X Factor, which led to a contract with Universal Russia in 2006. Hoping to bolster his career, and potentially earn a spot in Wiwi’s modeling contest, he entered Russia’s national Eurovision selection contest in 2008 and 2009, losing to Dima Bilan and Anastasia Prikhodko. You can see his failed efforts here.

Alexey’s first single “Leto” (2006):

Wiwi and Vebooboo had the pleasure of meeting Alexey in Dusseldorf at a party hosted in his honor. Alexey performed duets with a number of Eurovision artists, played the accordion, changed clothes at least six times and danced on stage for his admiring guests. But most entertaining of all were the large displays on the wall that showed footage of Alexey competing on Russia’s Dancing With the Stars, and picture montages that described him in his various roles as actor, singer, dancer, and stuntman. We shot this video of the on-wall entertainment:

And we snapped this non-airbrushed photo of Alexey. He looks pretty good even without the make-up, which can’t be said of all of this year’s contestants. His hair does NOT move.

Despite finishing 16th at Eurovision 2011 — Russia’s worst placement since 1995 — Alexey has a bright future ahead of him. And based on these photos that future doesn’t have to involve singing unless he really wants it to.

What do you guys this? Is Alexey a worthy winner of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model? Is he poised to become Russia’s hottest export since Natalia Vodianova?


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for XX

Who cares of your TIM SCHOU?:)))))) Alex is the best and game is over!


This guy is eurovision top model???? NO FUCKING WAY. TIM SCHOU IS THE MOST HANDSOM ONE!!!!!


[…] Alexey Vorobyov is Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2011 […]


ALEX IS THE BEST!!!!!!HE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!? ????? ????!!!!!


ALEX IS THE BEST!!!!!!HE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!? ????? ????!!!!!


I am so happy that Aleksey won, he deserved it !! He is so sexy guy and Swedish boy was very good else. But Azerbaijan ?? WTF !!! This…sorry I can’t say guy…something on 5th position ?? Funny, everyone sees that Azeris entere to this site, they want to show themselves. PATHERIC!!!


…he’s arrogant,..]
WTF?! How can one charge of an artist naivly relying only on his public image?! He’s and extremely positive friendly and sunny guy! Check his live videos on youtube – user AlexSparrowVideo in order to become an ardent fan of this multitalented and nice man!:))


hmmmm. hmmmmmm. i would have preferred someone a bit less cheesy.

Christina Yorky

Yeeees!!! Alexej the best)))))