Magdalena Tul Is Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2011

On April 2 wiwibloggs began our annual search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model. Slovakia’s TWiiNS Daniela and Veronika doubled our pleasure and doubled our fun. Israel’s Dana International proved that she’s more of a woman than most. And Azerbaijan’s Nikki demonstrated how a mother-of-two can preserve her body—and her runway walk. But in the end one woman sashayed past all of them. After two months and 14,407 votes (4,858 in the semi-final, and 9,549 in the final), Wiwi is proud to announce that Magdalena Tul is Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2011.

Magdalena finished the 2011 contest with a staggering 58% of all votes—a new record in Wiwi’s poll. (Paula Seling of Romania, our 2010 winner, earned 31% of all votes, while Elena Gheorghe, our 2009 winner, also from Romania, finished with 43%). Here are this year’s complete results:

1. Poland’s Magdalena Tul (5,557, 58.19%)
2. Slovenia’s Maja Keuc (1,155, 12.1%)
3. Azerbaijan’s Nikki (769, 8.05%)
4. Hungary’s Kati Wolf (663, 6.94%)
5. Armenia’s Emmy (377, 3.95%)
6. Slovakia’s TWiiNS Daniela and Veronika Nízlová (226, 2.37%)
7. Ukraine’s Mika Newton (207, 2.17%)
8. Germany’s Lena (198, 2.07%)
9. Estonia’s Getter Jaani (105, 1.1%)
10. Serbia’s Nina (92, 0.96%)
11. Austria’s Nadine Beiler (68, 0.71%)
12. Israel’s Dana International (52, 0.54%)
14. Bulgaria’s Poli Genova (40, 0.42%)
14. Norway’s Stella Mwangi (40, 0.42%)

Magdalena performed first in the first semi-final this year. To welcome all of Europe to the show, she wore a white bikini with rhinestones and proceeded to hump the floor in unison with her back-up dancers. As she told Wiwi in an interview ahead of the contest, the hip-shaking and flesh is about a lot more than provocation, and it fits well with her song’s themes:

The song “Jestem” depicts a woman who is an unattainable object of a man’s affection. However, the sphere of sexuality is accompanied by the image of the self-confident woman with a high level of self-esteem. Another meaning of this composition is implied in the title. “Jestem” means ”I am”

Right. It was a valiant effort, and Wiwi was mortified to learn that she finished last in the first semi-final. The European Broadcasting Union has admitted there were transmission issues in several countries during her act, and Wiwi is convinced this is why she went out. Here’s an encore of her performance:

Before Magdalena became a Eurovision sweetheart, she had already made a name for herself on “Jaka to melodia,” the Polish version of “Name That Tune.”


Despite her obvious beauty, Magdalena has an ease about her that made her a favorite of cameramen and journalists in Dusseldorf this year. Here’s a video that splices together her rehearsal with footage from backstage. Apparently her Eurovision outfit weighed six pounds and made her body go numb!

But that didn’t stop her from giving this friendly interview to our friends at ESC Daily following her second dress rehearsal. Given that she had just spent 40 minutes shaking her thing on stage, sister looks GOOD!

What do y’all think? Is Magdalena a worthy winner? Will she inspire a new generation of Polish girls to go into music? And do you want to see her back on the Eurovision stage sometime soon? While you ponder those questions, be sure to check out our updated photo gallery of Magdalena below!

Love, Wiwi