Latvia: “Music Thief” Lyrics Skewer Plagiarism and Pop

ROTFLMAO!! Latvia has not yet revealed the artists competing at Eirodziesma 2012, but it has revealed the songs. The entry called “Music Thief” had Wiwi, Vebooboo and Ms Kitty in stitches. The artist is clearly taking the piss. Either the Latvian judges have an awesome sense of humor or they don’t understand English. (That’s possible:  this is the country that brought you 2010 contestant Aisha. She ain’t exactly a lyricist.)

Ms. Kitty is currently high on endorphins from all the laughter, so please tell her: Have you come across an entry that is crazier (or more clever) than this one? And how many song references do you count? Listen to the video song below and then follow along with the lyrics that follow.

Update: On December 1, Latvia revealed that a group called the “Mad Show Boys” will be performing the song in the national selection contest.

“Music thief” (music and lyrics by Garijs Polskis)

I’m a music thief, I steal melodies
all the best of the hits of the hits
all the people want to dance
to my beats
to my beats

I steal lyrics too, I’m a plagiarist
let it be, move your feet move your feet
to the music of my hit
crazy hit
super hit

Pretty woman you are devil in disguise
living in a yellow submarine
welcome to the hotel “gangstas paradise”
the winner takes it all my dancing queen
Billy Jean

My song is very cool
Because it’s meaningless
Just a joke for your kids for your kids
to the lyrics of the
most famous hits
only hits

Yes, I’m a criminal
who’s looking for success
what a shame
I’m a thief I’m a thief
but I wanna just the fame
to receive to receive

Love me tender love me sleeping in my car
every breath you take I’m watching you

Du hast mich gefragt, is whiskey in the jar?
Mama mia Mama oh oh oh
Love me do

Now let’s listen to the opera
I stole it too
It’s not a sin

Great amount of hits is all around
For Eurosong
And I must win

Girls, boys,
gimme gimme 12 points
It’s a weapon of choice
take a chance on me
because I have a dream


Hey jury please don’t call the police
my robbery streak, so funny funny freak
I’m a music gangsta who wanna be a star
like Jesus Christ
Are you surprised?

(End Rap)

Yesterday you told me about the blue blue sky
all my troubles seem so far away
la isla bonita time to say goodbye
voyage voyage surf in USA
slide away

Lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo
lo lo lo lo

Great amount of hits is all around
for eurosong