The Wiwi Jury: Malta’s Kurt Calleja with “This is the Night”

The Wiwi Jury—a panel of music unprofessionals—will be passing judgment on all of the Eurovision 2012 contestants in the coming weeks. Is this the night for Malta’s Kurt Calleja? Here’s what Wiwibloggs, Vebooboo Nadella, Meows Kitty and Deban Aderemi think.

Wiwi: I love cheese, but I prefer it on my pizza! Kurt’s optimistic message is just too sugar-coated, and I find it irritating that he rhymes “achieve” and “believe.” I also have no idea what he is talking about. “I’ll be back for more/ This is the night/ This is the night/ That I’ve been waiting for/ Join us from the floor.” Is somebody passed out in the club? And the “eh eh eh eh eh, yeah eh eh eh eh” is giving me flashbacks to Bulgaria’s Miro from 2010. This sounds like every song I ever heard from the 1980s. I didn’t like them then—or now. Looks like Malta will be making another early exit at Eurovision in 2012….

Score: 3/10

Vebooboo: This is cheesy, generic pop at its best…and worst! Dude looks a bit like Sakis Rouvas, and the similarity extends to his inability to hit high notes. Unfortunately I don’t think even an illuminated platform or kick-ass boots will save this song. Major disappointment for Malta, which had such a catchy tune with “One Life” last year and missed making the final by only one point.

Score: 4/10

Meows: Lolololol, completely cringe worthy!! Repetitive tune and lyrics that could’ve been written by a 5 year old, a band consisting of few people playing Guitar Hero, and seriously – fist pump like you mean it Kurt!!

Score: 4/10

Deban: Always the bridesmaid, but never the bride: Malta has had mixed fortunes in the Eurovision Song Contest. She has placed second twice in recent years (2002 and 2005), but has failed to make the final for two years running. But the Maltese delegation keeps trying. This year’s entry has a name similar to 2009’s Greek entry “This Is Our Night” sung by Sakis Rovas which finished in 8th place. Unlike that pop number which was upbeat, catchy and sung by a Greek god, this song borders on dreary. It’s got a fab eurobeat baseline which promises euphoria until Kurt belts out ‘’Hey, look at me…’ in the most pompous operatic voice. Honestly, who says that? It lacks artistic merit, and although it has a good pop structure, I can’t help but conclude that it would have worked best as an instrumental submission. If this song somehow manages to squeeze into the Baku final, it’s guaranteed a low placement.

Score: 4/10

The Jury Verdict: 3.75/10