The Wiwi Jury: Montenegro’s Rambo Amadeus with “Euro Neuro”

The Wiwi Jury is back from Spring Break, and we’re ready to review the remaining 21 Eurovision 2012 songs and contestants. Our international panel of music un-professionals turned to Montenegro today. Were we fans of Rambo and the donkey in his video? Or did we dub him and his music something of an ass? Read on to find out what we had to say…

Wiwi: Unlike the vast majority of artists competing at Eurovision this year, Rambo Amadeus brings a very clear message: Europe is in trouble and bigwigs from Belgium to Bulgaria need to sort it out. As he told WiwiBloggs.Com during a recent interview: “The E.U. and euro are in some kind of neurotic situation, so I wanted to help. I do not have a cure. It is just a diagnosis. ‘Euro Neuro’ is a diagnostic song with therapeutic side effects.”

It’s definitely diagnostic. The video captures the widening gap between rich and poor, and it’s also something of a fable about how the hardworking poor can easily lose their money. That’s why the donkey eats Rambo’s money at the end of the clip. What’s more debatable is whether the song is as therapeutic as Rambo claims. The rhyming is clever and deep when you unpack it: “Euro neuro, don’t be dogmatic, bureaucratic/ You need to become pragmatic/ To stop change climatic automatic/ Need contribution from the institution/ To find solution for pollution/ To save the children of the evolution.” But the song is largely devoid of melody, and I struggle to remember the tune when the clip comes to an end. In a contest where you have one shot to make an impact, this may struggle. The typical viewer won’t have a clue this even relates to the euro zone crisis.

Score: 4/10

Donkeys will eat your money, but not while you are sitting on them

Vebooboo: Purposefully bad English pronunciation plus forced rhyming do not a good song make.  This will be one of the ones I skip out of rehearsals for this year in Baku. I admire the use of Eurovision to take a political stand, but I can assure you I won’t be standing up after this performance in the arena.

Score: 2/10

Meows Kitty: The official vid makes this look more like a tourism campaign for the country. But will the song help the country in that department? Perhaps. This is one of those hate it or love it songs. On hearing it the first time I found it very annoying, but after reading the lyrics, I am quite impressed with his rhyming ability and attitude, and the donkey. He must bring the donkey…assuming it can clear customs.

Score: 8/10

Deban: Over the years, protest songs have managed to weave their way into the ESC. For a contest that shies away from political labels, it has provided a platform for controversial entries such as ‘There must be another way’ (Israel 2009) and “A luta é alegria” (Portugal 2011).

However, whatever shortcomings these entries may possess, they are light years ahead of “Euro Neuro” in terms of quality, memorability and craftsmanship. This shouldn’t come as a surprise! Montenegro has only ever featured in the semi-finals since its 2007 debut. Yes, that’s right. The Former Yugoslav Republic has NEVER featured in the Eurovision final.

Although credit ought to be given to Rambo Amadeus for taking on the pertinent issue of the euro debt crisis, it’s hard to take his approach seriously when lyrics like these emerge: “Euro neuro, I got no ambition/ For high position in competition/ With air condition/ Different mission, different school/ I got only one rule/ Always stay cool/ Like a swimming pool.”

Seriously? The only merits of this entry are the possibilities of using the video as a backdrop for national tourism promotions. Even so, the Montenegrin Ministry of Leisure and Tourism would be wise to permanently have the audio on mute.

Score: 1/10

The Wiwi Jury Verdict: 3.75/10

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