The Wiwi Jury Reviews Bosnia’s Maya Sar with “Korake Ti Znam”

The Wiwi Jury—our international panel of music unprofessionals—headed to Bosnia and Herzegovina this morning to review Maya Sar’s “Korake Ti Znam.” The first time we saw “korake” we thought it was Bosnian for “karaoke.” Not a good sign, people. Read on to see what we made of Sarajevo’s entry.

Wiwi: From the country that brought you glorious entries like Laka’s “Pokusaj” comes this: a ballad dull enough to put an insomniac to sleep. “Korake Ti Znam”—that means “I Know Your Steps”—is a huge disappointment. Maya has a beautiful voice, but Bosnia has not equipped her with a song to showcase it. This song is flat, sounds the same at 20 seconds as it does at 40 seconds (as it does at 90 seconds). In a year of ballads, you really need to stand out. But “Korake Ti Znam” never reaches the glorious heights of more engrossing power ballads like Pastora Soler’s “Quédate Conmigo.” Not that it matters: Spain has already qualified for the final, and Bosnia will definitely crash out in the semis. It takes more than weak elevator music to play this game.

Score: 2/10

Vebooboo: Yet another slow song by a pretty girl with a good voice. This simply does not stand out in the slightest way, and unless block voting comes into play I don’t think we’ll be seeing this one on Saturday night.

Score: 4/10

Meows Kitty: Boring boring boring, a dull ballad without any catchy melodies or climatic moments. This has got to be the least memorable song I’ve heard so far in the competition.

Score: 4/10

Deban: Before I review this entry, I’d like us to cast our minds back to three good entries from the last 3 years. “I Don’t Wanna Leave” (Poland, 2009), “What For?” (Latvia, 2010) and “Stand By” (San Marino, 2011). What did all these entries have in common? They’re all good ballads, but very middle of the road. Although you won’t hate them, you’re also unlikely to adore them. Unsurprisingly, none of them qualified for the final.

Poor Maya Sar! She’s likely to follow in these footsteps. But she of all veterans should know better. She’s been in this ESC game for many years and has provided backing vocals on two separate occasions to successful acts from her homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina. What was she thinking this time?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good song. It’s similar to Azerbaijan’s entry “When the Music Dies.” But that’s in English and I can sing along. Still, neither of these entries will make me shuffle my feet, let alone pick up the phone and vote.

The song’s title literally translates as “I know your steps.” It ought to add a refrain that says, “I know your steps won’t lead you to the final.”

Score: 4/10

The Wiwi Jury Verdict: 3.5/10

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