The Wiwi Jury: Greece’s Eleftheria Eleftheriou with “Aphrodisiac”

This morning the Wiwi Jury caught a flight to Athens to review Greece’s ESC 2012 song “Aphrodisiac.” Did Cypriot-born Eleftheria Eleftheriou turn us on? Or did our libido shrivel up and die? Read on to find out.


Wiwi: I’d like to applaud Greece for staging their national selection inside the food court of the River West shopping mall. You prove that austerity is no excuse to stop the fun. It’s not where you have the party that matters, but who you invite.

And I’m happy to say that Greece got the guest list right. Eleftheria Eleftheriou has a body that just won’t quit, and she channels the energy of a cat in heat. Her performance of “Aphrodisiac” is jam-packed with good-looking back-up dancers and professional choreography. It all climaxes at the 2:00 mark when Eleftheria starts humping the floor and exposes her beige-colored underwear. How thoughtful of her to choose a pair that matches her dress.

As for the song, “Aphrodisiac” has such simple lyrics that you can start repeating the chorus almost immediately. “Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh/ You make me dance, dance like a maniac/  Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh/ You make me want your aphrodisiac.” It’s slightly confusing when she sings she wants “your” aphrodisiac. Is she asking for her man’s oysters? I think she means something like, “You yourself are an aphrodisiac.”

In any case, this song is upbeat and makes me want to “dance, dance, like a maniac.” The fact that Eleftheria’s voice is solid—even if a bit too Auto-Tuned in the preview video—is icing on the cake.

Score: 6.5

Eleftheria Eleftheriou: "Hi. I'm hot."

Vebooboo: Nice to see a pussy from Greece again! This is the first time since 2008 that they’ve sent a woman to Eurovision. And they’ve returned to the 2005 winning formula of ‘My Number One’ style music. Now, I don’t think this will win, but it will likely end in the Top 10. It’s easy to remember, has good staging, and something for gay and straight alike to ogle at.

Score: 7/10

Meows Kitty: This is exactly what we expected from Greece—an ethnic pop song with cheesy choreography and lots of hot looking people on stage! It’s unimaginative, repetitive, catchy, upbeat and very Eurovision. Qualifying for the final is a no brainer.

Score: 6/10


Deban: If it ain’t broke, then why fix it? Aphrodisiac continues on repeat mode where Kalomira’s “Secret Combination” left off. Born a Cypriot, but now a Greek citizen, Eleftheria Eleftheriou has had several attempts at Eurovision since 2006. Unfortunately for her, she either got disqualified, or her songs simply didn’t measure up!

In 2012, the barometer for good music has taken a nosedive, and now we warmly welcome the Greek X-Factor reject. The people of Greece live in the hope she’ll make a difference to the final scoreboard. The good news is that she will. Firstly, it’s a good pop number laced with a predictably Greek/Turkish Eurobeat. Secondly, Ms Elefheriou is Cypriot; you can count on Cyprus donating their douze points to her. Thirdly, she’s stunning. Physical beauty doesn’t hurt votes in any contest, and that includes Eurovision.

More to the point, though, I can see this song ripping up the dance floor at Baku’s Euroclub. Greece’s “Opa!” achieved that in Oslo in 2010, despite its many shortcomings as a dance track. “Aphrodisiac” is in a different league. It is crafted to be club-friendly. However, it’s pitching against many other songs in the world’s biggest song contest. If the Greeks cared to look across the border, they’d soon realise that Cyprus’ Ivi Adamou has got the edge on their adopted girl.

Score: 6/10

The Wiwi Jury Verdict: 6.34/10

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