This morning the Wiwi Jury caught a train to Chisinau to review Moldova’s ESC 2012 entry “Lautar.” Did cutie patootie Pasha Parfeny charm us with his trumpet? Or was he left tooting his own horn? Read on to find out.

Wiwi: After interviewing Pasha Parfeny at Eurovision in Concert this year, I can confirm that he is absolutely adorable. And he looks even better on stage with a bit of make-up and ethnic-looking parachute pants. This song isn’t one of my favorites. If anything I find it a little annoying. But it’s drenched in Moldovan pizzaz. The same country that brought you Epic Sax Guy and Zdob si Zdub once again delivers something quirky, original and memorable. Televoters will, no doubt, push this through to the final—regardless of whether the song actually justifies that.

I like how honest Pasha is. “Lautar” is clearly an autobiographical rant about how he wants to get with a married woman who is wearing a big wedding ring on her finger: “I got blind, I got mad, not from the diamond she had/ But from the beauty that put my heart on fire.” All in all a fun listen that will be well-received in Baku.

Score: 4.5/10

Vebooboo: The Moldovans sure love their memorable staging and outfits–I just love those back-up girls’ outfits, as well as the hotpants Pasha is wearing. The song itself is just OK, and dude’s voice ain’t exactly the best. But it’s fun and I think it has a chance of making the finals, even if the country didn’t spend half its GDP this year to buy a unicycle.

Score: 5/10

Meows Kitty:  Moldova has given us some impressive performances over the last few years including the cone heads of 2011, this year’s performance is just as quirky, and the brass section of the song is pretty cool. Not a winner but a qualifier at least!

Score: 7/10

Deban: I like this song, but not for the right reasons. For a start, it’s horribly predictable! Even without knowing which entry it was, I would have guessed Moldova. They have a knack for kitsch submissions that lack artistic merit. The staging is also dire, but remarkably entertaining. However, it wasn’t so straightforward this time round. The nation voted for Christina Croitoru’s “Fight for Love,” but the jury stepped in and awarded higher votes to Pasha Parfeny. Controversy aside, it is clear why.

Pasha’s “Lautar” is far more memorable, and has got a stronger hook. Also, his song is laced over a folk baseline, making it easily recognisable as a Balkan entry. Christina, on the other hand, has a stronger voice and a better song, but ends up being rather forgettable ballad in sea of ESC ballads. Given a choice, I’d vote for Lautar. Monsieur Parfeny has good stage presence, charisma and a team of five beautiful girls hoping to pave his national success into the ESC final.

Score: 5/10

The Wiwi Jury Verdict: 5.38/10

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Özgür Çeltikçi
Having voted in the Turkish jury, and awarded well-deserved points to this entry myself, I believe this is the best “in-your-mind” entry of the year. It’s nearly a month over the contest now, and along with Crno i Belo by Kaliopi and Out of Love by Nina Zilli, this is the only song in my playlist from the contest. The song is very catchy, and musically way better organised and structured than similar entries such as Love me Back by Can Bonomo or Aphrodisiac by Eleftheria Eleftheriou. The lyrics seem a tad out of grammar, but who cares when the… Read more »

It could be a sweet summer hit.The problem with summer songs is that when it becomes autumn there are 9 months until we get to hear them again.Not sure it can stand the test of time.The live performance maybe could convince me


Rubbish song cute guy… I’ll be happy to be your boy

Miss saHHara

CRAP! why are they wasting their time competing with this?


OMG! This song is soooo annoying not only because it screams “Welcome to a European Deli” but also because Pasha sings with an accent. I don’t care if you’re from Moldova or you’re Sophie Ellis-Bextor it doesn’t fly with me.
The instrumentals also sounds like annoying cartoon silly-high-speed-chase-scene music.
Pasha honey, get a day job.


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