Jedward Are Eurovision’s Next Top Male Models 2012

Most of the men at Eurovision can sing. But far fewer have the charisma and charm to succeed as international superstars when the music fades. So on April 6 Wiwi launched his annual search to find the men who have the muscle—and the personality—to carry the title of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2012. Slovakia’s Max Jason Mai ran around naked with pecs the size of Azerbaijan. Romania’s Men of Mandinga filmed a video of themselves working out for Wiwi’s readers. And Germany’s Roman Lob showed us the beauty of tattoos that stretch nipple-to-nipple. But in the end our winner—or, rather, winners—grabbed their hairspray and marched straight past them. After counting 2,722 votes in the semi-finals, and another 4,881 votes in the finals, the team at WiwiBloggs.Com can now reveal that Ireland’s Jedward are Eurovision’s Next Top Models 2012.

Complete Results

Model Votes %
1. Ireland – Jedward 1,532 31.39%
2. Germany – Roman Lob 1,172 24.01%
3. Romania – Men of Mandinga 390 7.99%
4. Lithuania – Donny Montell 289 5.92%
5. Norway – Tooji 228 4.67%
6. Turkey – Can Bonomo 209 4.28%
7. Slovakia – Max Jason Mai 162 3.32%
8. Belarus – Dmitry Karyakin 136 2.79%
9. Moldova – Pasha Parfeny 127 2.60%
10. Estonia – Ott Lepland 117 2.40%
11. United Kingdom – Engelbert Humperdinck 96 1.97%
12. Iceland – Jónsi 94 1.93%
13. Malta – Kurt Calleja 93 1.91%
14. Austria – Lukas Plöchl 88 1.80%
15. Serbia – Zeljko Joksimovic 78 1.60%
16. Switzerland – Gabriel Broggini 70 1.43%


More than any other competitors in this year’s contest, Jedward know how to mix it up. From their sparkly red Michael Jackson inspired outfits for Eurovision 2011 to their golden space suits in 2012, they keep it versatile—and always make it work. For years they’ve been known for their sky-high hair. But in Baku the twins let their hair down. They still looked fierce and confirmed that they their style isn’t confined to a particular hairdo. On a stage that featured a fountain shooting water 20 feet into the air, they kept our focus and kept us smiling. When they jumped inside the water they tossed their hair back like real-life models would. Let’s have a look:

They also impressed Team Wiwi at the Eurovision in Concert event in Amsterdam at the end of April. When Jedward walked into the press center, their fans pounced. But rather than running behind their press team or calling security, John and Edward threw themselves into it. They signed autographs. They took photos. And amid all the chaos they still managed to say hello to the WiwiBloggs.Com team. We captured the moment on film.

Jedward have the look and the star quality to bring even more heat to their career in the years to come. Whether they’re making music or starring in TV shows or working the runway, we know they’ll represent Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model with honor and fabulosity. We can’t wait to watch them.

Love, Team Wiwi

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