Will Anouk Represent the Netherlands in Malmö?

According to Dutch news website Ad.nl, Anouk is in advanced talks with broadcaster TROS to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision 2013.

Anouk: Tattooed, and ready to rock

Originally, TROS had planned to organize preliminaries in January, ahead of the contest in Malmö. Anouk was meant to be a contestant. But the established singer had a diva moment, and made it clear that she would not compete with lesser known artists for the honor. Faced with an impossible choice, TROS seems to have given in and allowed Anouk to come up with a “killer song” that will hopefully put an end to the eight-year curse that has prevented the Netherlands from reaching the Eurovision final. An official confirmation is expected shortly.

We’re approaching the news with caution. It’s not the first time that Anouk has been in the cards to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest, and TROS producers might change their minds again. And no matter how talented and experienced the Dutch rock singer is, we’re not sure if she still has what it takes to win the hearts and ears of the unpredictable European audiences. After all, she hasn’t produced a major international hit outside of the Netherlands and Belgium in a while.

Nonetheless, one thing we can agree on: she would definitely be a much better pick than the likes of Sieneke and The Toppers! Succes, Nederland!

Update: September 16, 2012
After the news broke, Anouk wrote on her Facebook page (in Dutch):

“Gosh, I read everywhere that I am still going to the [Eurovision] song contest? I am here laying in the sun in LA, knowing nothing. Good luck.”

The plot thickens!