Junior Eurovision 2012: What You Missed at The Opening Party

Earlier this evening this year’s Junior Eurovision contestants, their teams and the JESC 2012 organizers gathered in Amsterdam’s Mercure Hotel for the official opening party. Wiwi is still laughing, and not just because organizers served blue Kool-Aid. The big takeaway? That host Kim-Lian cannot sing as well as Russia’s Lerika!

That’s right people. Kim-Lian, who has cleverly released the official JESC anthem as a single, decided that she was going to perform her own song after the 12 contestants performed theirs. O. M. G. There’s something inherently amusing about a 40-something wearing a sequin top and performing for 12-year olds.

Anyway, here are some other takeaways.

Is Lerika unstoppable?

1. Lerika sings so, so well. She looked stunning in a red blouse, and her back-up dancers were on point. I think Russian children must drink protein shakes and take growth hormone because they looked massive compared to all the malnourished kids in the audience.

2. Femke, the Dutch contestant, looked somewhat intimidated by Lerika. Don’t worry, Femke. I’m sure she’s very nice.

3. Denis Midone—the Moldovan who channels David Bowie and isn’t afraid to wear turquoise pants—wins the award for best dressed. He paired an edgy dress shirt with a blazer and looked more New York than Chisinau. He sang brilliantly, but we already knew that was going to happen.

4. The FUNKIDS from the Republic of Georgia can seriously harmonize. Strangely their song “Funky Lemonade” sounds a lot better live than it does digitally re-mastered.

5. Kids.il can sing, too. Which is such good news. A lot of y’all haters on wiwibloggs.com were worried they lacked enthusiasm and talent. But we can now confirm that they possess both. The sole male singer in their group can’t stop jumping up and down, and we worry he needs Ritalin. In any event, we still think it’s between them and Russia. Their song is so catchy and the Hebrew sounds beautiful. Read our complete review by clicking here.

6. The Ukrainian contestant Anastasiya Petryk did her hair up Rona Nishliu style. That’s right: she had a beehive the size of a Dutch windmill. She’s about three feet tall, but her voice was the biggest of the night. Shame she’s singing that scary song. Oh, yeah: she was wearing a MASSIVE D-Squared belt. My children will not wear name brand clothes until they are 20.

We’re on the ground in Amsterdam and will have more news for y’all as the week unfolds. Stay tuned! Don’t forget to vote in our Junior Eurovision poll before Thursday!

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