Russia: Lerika Sensational During First Rehearsal

Russia’s Lerika lived up to all the hype during her first rehearsal at Junior Eurovision this morning. Her vocals, which have never been in question, were on point, and her back-up dancers were in better unison than the Red Army during those crazy parades through Moscow in the 1960s. The diva has unleashed her fury, and the other contestants are shaking in her wake.

Lerika worked every inch of the stage, sashaying stage right, stage left and centre stage. She wasn’t exactly timid when she represented Moldova last year, but it’s clear that she has grown in confidence. It helps that she actually has funding and a strong support team this year. We saw them barking orders throughout her rehearsal, Stalin-style.

She wore a white sparkly number—hello bedazzler!—and her dancers sported black leggings and matching tutus. The black meant that they kind of faded into the background. I guess that makes sense as Lerika is the main event. But hopefully their actual stage costumes will have a bit more pizazz. The LED screen behind her features a big digital speaker that kind of looks like a creepy eyeball. Mother Russia is watching y’all and monitoring how you vote!

In all honesty, I sometimes worry this song lacks a soul. It’s so professional and digitized and grown-up….and this is a kid’s contest. I’m still not convinced the youngins will vote for it. But I do love it and Lerika is an amazing talent!

Here’s what Wiwi saw in the bleachers:

And here’s how JuniotEurovision.TV captured it: