Ukraine: Anastasiya Petryk Still Frightening—and Frighteningly Talented

Poltergeist jokes aside, Anastasiya Petryk knows how to sing. We could feel her voice reverberating in the press centre, and it totally gave me chills. She demonstrates the power of a hyena and the confidence of a Beyonce, and she’s only ten years old.
The weird post-Apocalyptic vibe continues with a cloudy, dark sky on the LED screen. You might interpret this as a reference to heaven, but I see it as a creepy comment on the end of the world.

She undoubtedly has the strongest voice in the competition, and she could go down very well with the jury of 40-somethings. I don’t, however, see children voting for such a scary song….even if it’s delivered by a preternaturally talented singer.

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