Junior Eurovision Poll Prediction: Israel or Russia to Win

If our Junior Eurovision poll is anything to go by, then Israel’s Kids.il will win JESC on Saturday. The poll predicts that Israel will storm to victory with Russia’s Lerika providing the biggest competition. This mirrors the results of the Wiwi Jury, which also placed Israel first and Russia second.

Last year, our poll incorrectly predicted that Rachel from the Netherlands would win. She ended up finishing in second place. Will we be more accurate this year? And who is ranked too high or too low? Review our poll results below and let us know!


1. Israel: Kids.il with “Let the Music Win”: 163 votes, 39%

2. Russia: Lerika with “Sensatsiya” (Sensation): 68, 16.27%

3. The Netherlands: Femke Meines with “Tik Tak Tik”: 44, 10.53%

4. Georgia: The Funkids with “Funky Lemonade”: 31, 7.42%

5. Belgium: Fabian with “Abracadabra”: 26, 6.22%

6. Azerbaijan: Suada Alakbarova & Omar Sultanov with “Girls and Boys”: 19, 4.55%

6. Sweden: Lova Sonnerbo with “Mitt mod” (My courage): 19, 4.55%

6. Ukraine: Anastasiya Petryk with “Nebo” (The Sky): 19, 4.55%

9. Armenia: Compass Band with “Sweetie Baby”: 11, 2.63%

10. Belarus: Egor Zheshko with “A more-more” (O sea, sea): 7, 1.67%

11. Moldova: Denis Midone with “Toate vor fi” (All will be): 7, 1.67%

12. Albania: Igzidora Gjeta with “Kam Një Këngë Vetëm Për Ju” (I have a song just for you): 4, 0.96%

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