Junior Eurovision 2012: Denis Midone Tops the Best Dressed List

Every year Wiwi’s readers decide which Eurovision contestants have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to succeed as international superstars when the Song Contest glory fades. Our annual search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model and Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model has become the leading online beauty competition for contestants at Eurovision.

This year we’re extending the honor to the children. But we’re not making this about looks, or letting y’all decide. That would be cruel. Instead we’re judging this based on versatility, and courage. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce that Denis Midone from Moldova is Junior Eurovision’s Most Fashionable Contestant 2012.

Denis works about 12 different looks in his official preview video for Toate Vor Fi. He isn’t afraid to wear pistachio pants, iridescent tops, or David Bowie-inspired military jackets with spangles on the shoulders. He does all of this with complete conviction.

His bold choices have at times referenced warriors, hunters, and traditional Moldovan arts and crafts.

But he also proves that he can work an edgier, club look. Here he reminds us that you’re never too young for a sequined skinny tie.

But the portfolio photo that convinced us Denis was a worthy winner comes from his postcard photo session. The other contestants wore rather traditional—one might say boring—sweaters and tops. Denis, however, rocked up in a stonewashed denim jacket with feather accents and his signature asymmetrical bangs. That’s bravery, y’all.

Congratulations, Denis!

There were, of course, contestants that gave Denis a run for his money in the fashion stakes. We’d like to salute two runners-up.

The first is Femke from the Netherlands. She brought color and charisma to Junior Eurovision this year with yellow shorts and hot pink leggings. But she proved she could work a street look by wearing a studded leather jacket.

The second runner-up is Anastasiya Petryk from the Ukraine. She dressed as a Greek Goddess in an ethereal blue-and-white dress. She also coped with massive amounts of dry ice and smoke, but still managed to look regal. That’s a model for ya.

And last, but not least, are the FUNKIDS from Georgia. They win props for their funky looks. We almost gave them the title, but we needed to see a bit more dynamism. In any event, we with them luck this evening!

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