Ukraine’s Anastasiya Petryk Wins Junior Eurovision 2012

Anastasiya Petryk—a small girl with a very big voice—has won Junior Eurovision 2012.

The three-foot-something singer demolished the competition with her mysterious (borderline creepy) song “Nebo,” racking up an impressive 138 points. She looked ecstatic as the 12 points rolled in, ending speculation that she was a pint-sized diva. Little Miss Anastasiya smiled from ear to ear and clearly appreciated all the points that were rolling her way.

Earlier in the week she looked rather bored making her postcard. Apparently she was just saving her energy so she could hit all those hight notes.

Complete Results

The winner was chosen by the combined vote of televoters, juries all over Europe plus a special kids jury:

Ukraine – 138 points
Georgia – 103 points
Armenia – 98 points
Russia – 88 points
Belgium – 72 points
Sweden – 70 points
The Netherlands – 69 points
Israel – 68 points
Belarus – 56 points
Moldova – 52 points
Azerbaijan – 49 points
Albania – 35 points

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