Earlier today the Wiwi Jury—our in-house panel of music unprofessionals—traveled to Hungary to load up on goulash and to review ByeAlex’s “Kedvesem”. Did the mellow number put us to sleep? Or did it relax us into giving away our douze points? Read on to find out…

Vebooboo: If the staging stays the same as it was in Budapest, then I’m seriously bringing some pot brownies from Amsterdam for us to get down on while listening to this one.  What a mellow song, perfect for any over-stressed businesswoman to watch when she’s about to have an aneurism at work. There’s something oddly magical about the raspy nature of ByeAlex’s voice. It’s not classically good, don’t get me wrong, but somehow it works when mixed with the crazy cartoon figures and colour scheme. Just like pot, this song should be everyone’s guilty pleasure this year.

Score: 7/10

Hungary ByeAlex Eurovision 2013Bogdan: I laughed when I first heard that someone going by the name of ByeAlex won A Dal – but then I heard the song and I was impressed. It may sound like it’s just another ballad, but, to me, this is one of the most original songs this year, performed by one of the most current acts of ESC 2013. “Kedvesem” is a simple, honest and endearing song, which doesn’t attempt to be dramatic for one second. Unfortunately, come Eurovision semi-final night, I am afraid that these very qualities will be its undoing. And that’s too bad, because I love Hungary’s entry this year and it deserves to be in the final.

Score: 8/10

Deban: Kedvesem sounds like the soundtrack to a foreign independent film. It works well when built into the script of a film, but when heard in isolation, the listener automatically feels it’s incomplete without credits running through the screen. Although I like this, it is totally misplaced in the Eurovision Song Contest. Hello Alex for the Hungarian Film Festival. However, for ESC, it’s Bye Alex.

Score: 4/10

Alexander: ByeAlex, believe it or not, has a master’s degree in philosophy! He also self-wrote “Kedvesem” (which later got remixed by Zoohacker). Both of those facts garner instant respect from me. This is a cute little number, but the problem is it doesn’t really go anywhere and gets boring. The song could end halfway through at around 1:30 and not much would be lost, unfortunately. Because the song is easily forgettable, Alex is going to have a tough time qualifying to the final. I will be pleasantly surprised if he does, though. 🙂

Score: 6.5/10

Hungary Kedvesem ByeAlex Eurovision 2013HK Dick: I really have no idea what to make of this yet I find it strangely addictive. It reminds me of the Beloved from the 1990’s with their trippy, electronic dance. I expect this sounds fantastic if on illegal substances or the next morning at a chillout party. (The taking of drugs is not recommended or advocated when listening to Eurovision music). I just don’t think there will be enough people to appreciate this and it will flop badly.

Score: 6/10

Mr Häggkvist: I don’t have a lot to say about this entry. We had What About My Dreams? and Sound of Our Hearts and then THIS. This is just horrible. Come on: How can an entire country love this?

Score: 1/10

Wiwi: Does “Kedvesem” mean “stoner” in Hungarian? I’m not sure. But I do know that this song is so mellow I question whether ByeAlex has a pulse. Wondering whether your artist is dead or alive isn’t a good start. This song is sweet and the doodles are cute, but it does not inspire anything beyond impatience. I keep waiting for that WOW moment. But instead I’m left wondering if I have enough time to run to the toilet before the next act comes on. Ima set my alarm for 3 minutes from now. Wake me if I’m in a deep sleep when the next contestant takes the stage…

Score: 2.5/10

Wiwi Jury Verdict: 5/10

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I fell in love this song immediately when i heard it. The key of it is in its uniqueness. It’s not a mainstream song that’s sang by some dolled up lady. I wish all the best for Hungary, truly hope they will make it to the finals.


Great stoner tune. Love the doodle art, man. Awesome. But “Ain’t nobady gat time fo that” it’s the ESC bro!


I love this song! It is absolutely mystic and the text is full of images. It is my favorite. You know the song should not be always a kind crying and screening .. can be also something to think about it and to be heard with your soul! I will buy it!


This is one song I couldn’t wait to finish – skip to lyrics, same. Next ….


I love this song, and its in my top 5 this year. Maybe its not for this contest but I think this song is quite good, thought its a pitty that people does not appreciate quality and they prefer silly songs where the singer screams out loud and just that.


I am listening to these in alphabetical order – and thus haven’t heard them all yet (I’m catching up late). BUT – this one does it for me. For the same raspy, understated reasons that I love Donovan (Mellow Yellow, Hurdy Gurdy Man and my FAVE, Sunshine Superman) this is one record I would go out and buy tomorrow. Don’t care if it wins – it has its own place.

Melissa J

I am so disappointed in Hungary. After Kati Wolf and Compact Disco, this is a steep dive in quality. I hate how it sounds like he’s whispering the whole time. Gigi Racz had a way better song.


I disagree. France 2009, Finland 2012, Belgium 2010 (not a fan of this one, but I do recognize it)… IMO those were subtle songs with subtle staging that managed to work it out in a great way and kept you interested through all the 3-minute run.

This one just screams bathroom break or nappy time. No wonder it’s a favorite of the prudes at EurovisionTimes.

This song isn’t boring; it’s subtle. Then again, subtlety isn’t always exactly the Eurovision audience’s most appreciated song trait. It reminds me of The Postal Service. And please, Compact Disco’s song was amazing, in part for the same reason (the subtle quirks, the way the instrumental just played with the listener)! Although the live performance was not so amazing, sadly. Which brings me to the main problem with this one for me – the live vocals. Man, that guy could not hit the notes at the national final, and somehow still managed to win. I’m surprised the Wiwi jury hasn’t… Read more »
Oh crud, THIS song. Easily the worst song of 2013. And I thought Compact Disco was bad enough. It’s boring, doesn’t go anywhere, by the way he whisper-sings you can tell he can’t overall and it’s a definite flop comparing the stuff they sent on 2007 and 2011. And, of all the things to copy from American culture, why did they choose freakin’ hipsters? The worst of the worst? Last place in the semi-final for sure. Plus, Norway will be sure to draw all the votes. Sigh, 100% televoting can be harmful sometimes. Can someone leave it to the experts… Read more »
Harriet Krohn

I absolutely love this song. Even though I don’t understand a single word, it touches me. I can understand why some people think it’s boring, but to me it’s just wonderfully calm and relaxing and simply lovely. The opposite of pretentious.
I think Hungary will struggle to get out of their semi because this kind of music tends to get lost in the shuffle, but that doesn’t make it any less great. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I will make a few calls for ByeAlex.


Deserves a better rank.

9 from me 😉

It’s quite calm, positive song during which you can relax and free yourself from all the stress. It’s a medicine for my ears after the long stressful day.


Awh… Imo a 5 is to low for this song. I really like this song, it is really different from the others and the weird drawings are helping him too. It will be tough to qualify but i hope he does =)