Ukraine: Zlata Ognevich Unveils Giant at First Rehearsal

Wiwi: At her dress rehearsal a few moments ago, Zlata Ognevich finally unveiled “the giant” she has been hinting at in official press releases for weeks. We thought it might be a massive butterfly. Then we thought it might be one of the Klitschko brothers. But it’s actually Igor Vovkovynski, a real-life Ukrainian giant who rises 2.42 metres and wears size 62 shoes. He carries Zlata to a “magic cirlce” in the opening bars, and then let’s Zlata work her magic in a hip-hugging dress. Her backing vocalists include jazz legend Cleveland Watkiss, and all of them wear black to minimize their presence on the stage. Zlata is striving to present a fairy tale and she is most definitely playing the part of a princess. We love her. This will be amazing.

After their rehearsal, even Igor the Giant was as giddy. “The Arena is very overwhelming and very big, which I wasn’t even expecting,” he said in a statement sent to wiwibloggs “I’ve been inside big arenas but none of them looked so beautiful. The first rehearsal went well but I will take more time to practice my part. I love my costume which was first revealed today. I can’t believe that somebody took so much time to make it look so good. I wanna wear it not just to the show but everywhere”.

Zlata had this to say: “Everybody was so welcoming that I immediately felt confident about everything. I know everything will work out the best way possible.”

Vebooboo:  This has never been my favourite song, and today I watched the first rehearsal clip with a big-ass smile on my face. Zlata is an intelligent woman — she speaks super eloquently in all of her interviews. So why in the world would she decide to do something as corny and cheesy as choose a giant to pick her up? I’ve heard of going literal before, but this takes the damn cake. I suppose in the end this is a Disney song and perhaps therefore needs to be staged in a way that all can understand…

Photo Credit: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

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