Wiwi Jury: United Kingdom’s Bonnie Tyler with “Believe in Me”

Earlier this week the Wiwi Jury—our in-house panel of music un-professionals—traveled to Wales to review Bonnie Tyler’s Eurovision 2013 song “Believe in Me”. Did the “Total Eclipse of the Heart” singer score another hit with us? Or were we left searching for a hero ’til the end of the night? Read on to find out…

Deban: One doesn’t court millions of voters by sitting on a window pane, or by being clad head to toe with gloves, scarf and coat. Age-appropriate as some fans may argue that is, Bonnie Tyler may as well have been singing dressed in a bourkha. “Believe In Me” is easy on the ear, but lacks gusto, and remains devoid of a climax. Even without seeing the video, it’s obvious to many listeners that this entry is lazy in it’s approach and delivery. Most of the countries participating aim their eyes on the prize. However, the United Kingdom seems to approach the contest this year with the sole aim of participating. Yes, Bonnie Tyler is a big star, but this country number don’t impress me much!

Score: 3.5/10

More of this, please

More of this, please

Bogdan: Where do I begin? First, I admire Bonnie Tyler. I saw her perform live in a public square in the dead of winter, and she was amazing. Second, I understand the UK’s decision to send her – she still has massive appeal throughout Europe, especially in the East (although so does Patricia Kaas…). What I fail to understand, however, is the choice of song, which is many years and thousands of miles away from Eurovision 2013. It is not only dated, it’s also misplaced, as it totally sounds like an American country song. It’s completely wrong for Eurovision and that’s a pity, because Bonnie Tyler is a true legend and she deserved more than she’s going to get in May…

Score: 3/10

Wiwi: Bonnie Tyler is a legend with an instantly recognizable voice. That’s why this mediocre song is so disappointing. Making someone of her stature sing this tosh is like telling an Oscar-winning actress she has landed a part in the Akron, Ohio production of Cats, or telling Cristiano Ronaldo he’ll be playing for that powerhouse North Korea at the next World Cup. Given the right song Bonnie could have won. With this she’ll be lucky to crack the Top 20. “Believe in Me” is forgettable, disposable, far too mellow, and ultimately quite shallow. To quote her ditty, I’m “reaching out for something and there’s nothing.” (If you’d like to support Bonnie, consider buying one of these lovely “Believe in Me” t-shirts).

Score: 3.5/10

Bonnie Tyler to sing for UK at EurovisionHK Dick: Question: Which country sends stars of yesteryear to Eurovision thinking that because they are well known they will bring Eurovision success but continues to bring abject failure? Well, we all know the answer and despite the fabulousness of Ms Bonnie Tyler the same mistake is about to happen again. I’m sure in all of our hearts there was a flicker of excitement of another Jim Steinman classic, reminiscent of the opening bars “Turn around….”. I so want to believe in Bonnie but she has been given something so distinctly average to sing that the top half of the leaderboard is really the best we can hope for, again leaving the UK holding out for a hero for at least another year.

Score: 6/10

Vebooboo: The UK is such a sensationalist culture, so why they don’t run a dramatic televoting-based national selection simply baffles me. Bonnie’s song is actually quite nice, but it would NEVER win a televoting selection…and that’s a problem. Just as sluts don’t show up to a party without condoms and birth control, the UK shouldn’t send a song to Eurovision that lacks flair and originality. And yet they do…and do…and do. We get it, UK: You’ve got a much larger economy than all the tiny continental countries. But it ain’t size that matters, it’s the motion in the ocean. So start making waves, please.

Score: 4/10

Bonnie Tyler EurovisionMr Häggkvist: I really hope to see Bonnie Tyler deliver a great performance. That’s probably my biggest wish for this year’s competition. It will be heartbreaking to see her finish in 21st position. She’s just too good… and as I say every time somebody asks me, I do believe in her song. It’s a matter of musical taste, and I do prefer to see her performing an adult comtemporary song, not some electronic composition that will be just like Nicki French back in 2000. I have such faith in this entry and this ARTIST.

Score: 8/10

Alexander: I love Bonnie Tyler’s song “I Need a Hero.” However, I’m not really digging “Believe in Me.” It’s just too country for my tastes. People seem to like this, but I’m indifferent to it. It’s alright, but nothing special.

Score: 4/10

Wiwi Jury Verdict: 4.57/10

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