Norway: Margaret Berger Replays MGP at First Rehearsal

Vebooboo: This is one of my favourite songs this year, and even though I’m still extremely bitter over the shafting that Adelen’s ‘Bombo’ received during and after MGP, I sincerely hope this lands in the Top 5. Having said that, it was clear Margaret struggled a teeny bit today with the back-up singers compared to her on-point performances in Norway with pre-recorded backings. The staging itself is just as powerful as it was in Norway — the hips-don’t-lie white catsuit suits Margaret perfectly, and the deep blue backdrop feeds me a whole lot of loving. I don’t understand the lyrics of this song, but I love it nonetheless.

Wiwi: Margaret Berger looks like a supermodel from the year 2046. The stretchy white satin outfit she wears hugs her hips, and gives the effect of a designer egg with a human head hatching out of it. Margaret has stuck to her Melodi Grand Prix roots in other ways, too, and left the performance largely as it was in Oslo. I was pleasantly surprised that she was able to re-create the song’s distinct sound here at Eurovision using real (rather than electronic) backing. I’m still not convinced this will appeal to enough demographics in Europe—I personally hate electronica—but she’s stuck with the formula that induced all this hype in the first place. Smart move.

Deban: There are some performances that start off perfect. Embellishing it only chips at the perfection it already had. “I Feed You My Love” is a great pop number. The electronica is what makes it leap, and Margaret Berger serves up the sex appeal buffet style. Perfect LED backdrop, and the subtle movement of head, shoulders and arms is all this entry needs to dent the Top 5. Bravo!

Photo Credit: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

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