Eythor Ingi Romances Girlfriend at Local Supermarket

Iceland is still feeling the chill of its 2008 financial collapse, but Eythor Ingi is keeping it hot. On Thursday he decided to take his girlfriend on a romantic outing….to a Malmö supermarket.

That’s right people. We spotted Eythor and his girlfriend walking hand-in-hand into the ICA Maxi supermarket opposite our hotel. The two cuddled and crooned as they searched the personal hygiene aisles of the store, eventually picking up cotton swabs and lotion. Clearly they like clean ears and soft skin!

Eythor has stamped himself as a serious hunk in Malmö. His rugged good looks have attracted a lot of attention from passers-by, who frequently compare him to a Norse god. I suggest that his girlfriend clench his wrist even tighter the next time we spot the two! She has competition!


Love on aisle two…and three, and four…

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