Dutch Press: Did Denmark Copy Our Song? EBU weighs in

Dutch news outlet NOS is making waves in the social media today asking the question: “Danish plagiarism at Eurovision?”, pointing at the similarities between Emmelie de Forest’s winning song “Only Teardrops” and a 2002 song by Dutch band K-Otic, “I Surrender”.

You can perhaps spot the similarities better on this side-by-side video:

Dutch newspaper “Telegraaf” quotes Eric van Tijn, Dutch producer and talent show judge, who says that: “Eurovision songs should be new compositions. The [flute] melody is clearly one-on-one, that is undeniable. Still, I think it a storm in a glass of water, because it is only similar in the intro.”

We are not music experts ourselves and we won’t claim that “Only Teardrops” is plagiarized after the Dutch track, although we cannot ignore the similarities between the two songs. What do you think, did the Danish composers rip off “I Surrender”? Or are these waves made really in a glass of water? Sound off below!

Update: Bart Voncken, former member of K-Otic, told Dutch radio 3FM, quoted by NOS: “I didn’t notice [the similarity] yesterday. Some notes overlap, but not enough to think plagiarism.”

Update 2: Sietse Bakker from the EBU is quoted by RTL.nl as saying that “There is a difference between plagiarism and songs that sound similar. Such claims are made every year. From my experience, the conclusion always is that the songs sound alike, but it’s not plagiarism.” He added, however: “The original songwriters have to go to court, which must determine whether there is plagiarism [or not].”

The plot thickens! We’ll let you know what happens next.

Bogdan Honciuc is a Romania-based correspondent for WiwiBloggs.com.
Photo credit: Sander Hesterman (EBU).