Azerbaijan: President Ordered Vote Recount

You were not the only ones surprised that Azerbaijan gave nul points to Russia at Eurovision 2013. The Azerbaijani press reports that even President Ilham Aliyev was in disbelief, so much so that he demanded a recount of his country’s votes. And guess what? According to the new results, Moscow should have received 10 points from Baku!

According to Azerbaijani ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbuloglu, as quoted by, Azerbaijan awarded plenty of votes to Dina Garipova’s song “What If”, but all the votes disappeared when the results were announced Saturday evening.

“I myself, as a musician and as a man of culture, was surprised: it cannot be that Azerbaijan gives no vote for Russia. Moreover, Russia had an excellent performance, and as a result gained the fifth place,” Ambassador Bulbuloglu said, adding that he was not alone in his surprise – and that many viewers in Azerbaijan protested that their votes for Russia went missing.

“Our president has instructed [the national broadcaster] to deal with this issue. Azerbaijan voted for Russia and there must be a certain number of votes, but the fact is that all of these votes are counted in Germany, and from there, so to speak, they are transmitted as the final result.”

What If...Azerbaijan had given 10 points to Russia?

What If…Azerbaijan had given 10 points to Russia?

Consequently, Azerbaijan recounted the votes and Jamil Gulyev, the chairman of the Azerbaijani national broadcaster, announced this afternoon that Dina Garipova actually got second place in the SMS voting, which means that Russia should get 10 points. According to the same source, the Azerbaijani national jury gave top marks to Russia.

We remind you that, according to the official results, Azerbaijan gave 12 points to Ukraine, 10 points to Georgia, 8 points to Malta, 7 points to Belarus, 6 points to Romania, 5 points to Denmark, 4 points to Greece, 3 points to Lithuania, 2 points to Norway, and 1 point to Moldova. In case the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) decides to accept the new results as the official televoting results of Azerbaijan, giving 12 points to Russia, all these countries’ results, except Ukraine, would be affected. By losing its one point, for instance, Moldova would fall from 11th place to 12th, behind Belgium, in the final ranking.

It is unclear yet if the EBU will accept the vote recount. There is no such precedent in the history of Eurovision. We will of course keep you posted in case there is an official statement from the EBU.

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