Krista Siegfrids showed up in a bargain basement wedding dress. The Dorians wore denim from 1992. And Cezar Ouatu added Swarovski crystals to Count Dracula’s bed clothes. But in the end it was Serbia’s Moje 3 who scared the fashion police the most. That’s according to our friends at the House of Eurovision, who every year honor the contestant who dreams up the most appalling sartorial nightmare with its “Barbara Dex Award.” Named after Barbara Dex, the Belgian contestant who made her own dress in 1993, it’s become synonymous with f-ugly. You will not find any of the winners of Eurovison’s Next Top Model on this list.

Moje 3 second rehearsal EBU

Designed by Serbian designer Ana Ljubinkovic, who recently showed her collection at London Fashion Week, the costumes were meant to convey the optimistic message of the Serbian Eurovision entry  “Ljubav je svuda” (Love is all around us). Some members of Team Wiwi loved them. And by that I mean me. Here’s what I had to say after seeing their costumes for the first time:

This trio of beauties showed up to their first dress rehearsal…looking real cute and oozing “1950s pin-up babe”. Their designer Ana Ljubinkovic has created outfits that still fit the good girl/bad girl/confused girl scenario, but that smack of sophistication and playfulness at the same time. The three backing vocalists wear light blue dresses with giant pearl droplets—again, a classy reference to 1950s style. It is a subtle reminder that the theme of the song—what to do when you’re in love—is timeless and spans generations.

Sara Jovanovic Moje 3 costumes

Fellow wiwiblogger Deban wasn’t so keen. “It’s a HOT mess,” he wrote. Apparently Eurovision fans agreed with him, as they awarded victory to Sara, Mirna and Nevena in a landslide. Presumably they aren’t digging the mixed patterns, which occasionally give the impression that a cotton candy factory exploded in Belgrade. Or maybe they don’t like Nevena’s yellow-and-white striped panthalon, which scream “clown at circus”. In any event, we were sad to see them win the title.

But there is a silver lining. Fans appear to have forgiven Sara Jovanovic for this apparent fashion faux pas. She was named runner-up in wiwibloggs’ annual search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model yesterday. Nevena and Mirna finished fourth and fifth respectively.


  1. Serbia – 967 Votes
  2. Romania – 544 Votes
  3. Israel – 296 Votes
  4. Albania – 150 Votes
  5. Montenegro – 110 Votes
  6. Latvia – 79 Votes
  7. F.Y.R. Macedonia – 65 Votes
  8. Sweden – 49 Votes
  9. Belarus – 45 Votes
  10. Russia – 41 Votes

You can read more about the Barbara Dex Award and see previous winners by clicking here. To read more about Eurovision fashion, click here.

Photos: and the EBU

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Guest look this clothes ,this is better!


israel’s outfit has been horrible.if you don’t have a prpper ody to wear such an outfit,don’t wear it

As bad as these costumes were, the choreography was much worse – too much grabbing, poking, hands in the face, and then shoving away hands/arms and very little dancing or moving to the music. Even with the lousy outfits, a less obnoxious choreography could have pulled them through. The blame for the outfits is the person who decided to use Ana Ljubinkovic’s creations because all her work is along these lines so they knew what kind of stuff they’d be getting. And why they though the outfits would work with the song or the girls figures is the question. I… Read more »

Jean Pauk Gaultier had very nice words about Cezar,s outfit.I guess he knows better than the people voting here


I think we can actually blame the costumes for their failure to qualify, since they came 11th. If they’d retained the original angel-devil-girlinthemiddle concept (or at least a more obvious, less hideous version of it) it would have made the theatrics and song story clear to the non-Serbian speaking viewers, and would have made for a more cohesive ‘package’ performance. I genuinely reckon they could have pushed Birgit into 11th if they hadn’t gone insane with a wardrobe’s worth of children’s party dresses.


Surprised Mr Aliyev didn’t fix it for Azerbaijan to win this one. Then again he has been a bit patchy of late (JESC 2012 anyone?)


I really think that these dresses spoiled their performance… cause their song deserved the Final.



People voting for this award actually know what it is for. Only ESC fans from Serbia would vote for this award and, trust me, we all know what it is about.


Serbs probably voted for Moje 3 themselves-they are so used to voting for Serbia in all possible polls that they automatically clicked on them, witout even reading what the poll is all about! xD


Possibly a rare case of the outfit being the decisive factor of qualification. It cheapened the act a lot.

I know a gimmick act (see Cezar or Jedward) wouldn’t win.

Who was “last” place?


Having agonizingly missed out on reaching the final at 11th this year, at least Moje 3 aren’t going back to Serbia empty handed!

I usually disagree with the BDA choices, but I have to say Moje 3 were the most deserved winners of this award, ever. Not only did they look like puppets out of Eurodisney’s It’s A Small World ride, the dresses also gave them fat asses. The costumes from Beosong at least helped understanding the angel / devil / goldilocks theme of the song, and also gave them a fabulous slutty look, which went very well with the uptempo trashy jollyness of the song. The new cupcake dresses made them look ridiculous, overshadowed the song’s message and cost them their qualification.… Read more »

I’m sorry, but the girls are so beautiful and I have not looked at the costumes they chose none of this, but I’m sure someone because they have to come to terms with the fact that my 3 beautiful girls in Eurovision 😉


The point made by other blog: “many voters fail to distinguish between deliberately outrageous costumes and unintentionally bad clothing as originally applying to Barbara Dex”.
So, if we think from “unintentionally bad clothing” point of view I would rather vote for Hungary & Armenia…


They weren’t worst dressed in competition…


Yes they did…They looked ghastly. I voted for them and Romania would have been my 2nd choice.