Should Producers Play the Eurovision Recap Backwards?

Draw order had a gigantic impact in the results this year. And regardless of how the draw order is determined, either by random selection or by the show’s producers, the effect provides great advantage to the acts that perform last.

There’s a simple change ESC could make to reduce the advantage of performing toward the end. Flip the order of showing the clips from each act during the voting period. The act that performs first in the show is shown last in the replay.

Viewers can easily handle the replay being a countdown of the entries by numbers instead of a count up. And the act, country, and number is displayed with each clip so no worries about the reverse order getting people confused.

This won’t eliminate the advantage of playing toward the end. But it will reduce it.

David T contributed this report from Colorado. Keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo: SVT