One month ago we asked y’all to check your iPods and tell us which Eurovision 2013 songs you’re still listening to. After counting 8,319 votes, we can now reveal that Cezar Ouatu’s “It’s My Life” is the song looping most frequently on your music player!

The Romanian, who spoke with Team Wiwi in an exclusive interview backstage just moments before the second semi-final, captured 4,393 votes—more than 53% of all those cast. Before you start complaining remember this: Cezar had the highest televoting average in his semi-final, and was let down big time by the professional jury. (Appropriately enough you guys also handed him the 2013 Kate Ryan Award for Most Wronged at ESC).

Norway’s Margaret Berger, who y’all previously honored as the contestant most likely to succeed commercially, finished second with 246 votes. And Eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest—who has followed up with a pretty decent album—finished third with 226. Ukraine’s Zlata Ognevich and Holland’s Anouk round out the Top 5.

You’ll notice that many acts that were hits with televoters—but failed to strike a chord with the professional juries—also did well in this poll. Montenegro’s Who See—who came fourth in the televote during their semi—finished ninth in our poll. And far from finishing last like he did in the grand final, Ireland’s Ryan Dolan came 21st here.

What do you think of the results? Are you still listening to the Top 10 songs below? Did Cyprus, Croatia, Latvia and Armenia deserved to finish in spots 36, 37, 38 and 39? Let us know in the comments box below!


1. Romania: Cezar Ouatu with “It’s My Life” 4,393 votes, 53.97%
2. Norway: Margaret Berger with “I Feed You My Love” 246 votes, 3.02%
3. Denmark: Emmelie de Forest with “Only Teardrops” 226 votes, 2.78%
4. Ukraine: Zlata Ognevich with “Gravity” 218 votes, 2.68%
5. The Netherlands: Anouk with “Birds” 201 votes, 2.47%
6. Germany: Cascada with “Glorious” 175 votes, 2.15%
7. Sweden: Robin Stjernberg with “You” 142 votes, 1.74%
8. Montenegro: Who See with “Ingranka” 140 votes, 1.72%
9. San Marino: Valentina Monetta with “Crisalide” 139 votes, 1.71%
10. Italy: Marco Mengoni with “L’essenziale” 137 votes, 1.68%
11. Belgium: Roberto Bellarosa with “Love Kills” 128 votes, 1.57%
11. Moldova: Aliona Moon with “A Million” 128 votes, 1.57%
13. Malta: Gianluca Bezzina with “Tomorrow” 124 votes, 1.52%
14. Azerbaijan: Farid Mammadov with “Hold Me” 122 votes, 1.50%
15. Finland: Krista Siegfrids with “Marry Me” 113 votes, 1.39%
16. Greece: Koza Mostra & Agathonas Iakovidis with “Alcohol is Free” 112 votes, 1.38%
17. France: Amandine Bourgeois with “L’enfer et moi” 102 votes, 1.25%
18. Serbia: Moje 3 with “Ljubav je svuda” 97 votes, 1.19%
19. Estonia: Birgit Oigemeel with “Et uus saaks alguse” 95 votes, 1.17%
20. Hungary: ByeAlex with “Kedvesem” 93 votes, 1.14%
21. Ireland: Ryan Dolan with “Only Love Survives” 92 votes, 1.13%
22. Israel: Moran Mazor with “Rak bishvilo” 85 votes, 1.04%
23. United Kingdom: Bonnie Tyler with “Believe in Me” 84 votes, 1.03%
24. Russia: Dina Garipova with “What If” 75 votes, 0.92%
25. Belarus: Alyona Lanskaya with “Solayoh” 74 votes, 0.91%
26. Slovenia: Hannah Mancini with “Straight Into Love” 72 votes, 0.88%
27. Austria: Natália Kelly with “Shine” 66 votes, 0.81%
28. Iceland: Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson with “Ég á Líf” 65 votes, 0.80%
29. Spain: El Sueno de Morfeo with “Contigo hasta el final” 56 votes, 0.69%
30. Bulgaria: Elitsa and Stoyan with “Samo Shampioni” 54 votes, 0.66%
31. Georgia: Nodi & Sophie with “Waterfall” 50 votes, 0.61%
32. Switzerland: Takasa with “You and Me” 47 votes, 0.58%
33. F.Y.R. Macedonia: Esma & Lozano with ”Pred da se razdeni” 40votes, 0.49%
34. Albania: Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko with “Identitet” 34 votes, 0.42%
35. Lithuania: Andrius Pojavis with “Something” 32 votes, 0.39%
36. Cyprus: Despina Olympiou with “An Me Thimase” 30 votes, 0.37%
37. Croatia: Klapa s Mora with “Mizerja” 27 votes, 0.33%
38. Latvia: Grupa PeR with “Here We Go” 15 votes, 0.18%
39. Armenia: Dorians with “Lonely Planet” 10 votes, 0.12%

Willy Lee Adams contributed this report from London. Follow him on Twitter @willyleeadams. You can also keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo: Dennis Stachel (EBU)

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Jordan Grice

No way did Cyprus deserve to come 36th. In my opinion it should have finished in the top ten. Bulgaria, San Marino, Israel, they are the winner for me this year. Amazing songs.


@Cooky It’s a different kind of comedy. I mean the simplicity of the lyrics & how he sounds so serious as he sang them, hahaha. Then suddenly it went all high pitched.. it did sound comedic, especially paired with that giant sparkly dress that rose up and his facial expressions. Though part of it was hilarious for me was trying to mimic the high voice range & making the sound 2000x worse 😀 It was just a song that I had fun with.


it is the expected result cezar and it’s my life conquered our souls


D’OH! My bad. I had to check my spreadsheet again. I actually graded him 23rd for his finals performance.


@Arianna: I was grading these performances as I watched them live, and I must confess, I did not see the COMEDY in Cezar’s performance (as I did in Koza Mostra’s). Otherwise, he would have fared better than next-to-last on my scorecard. Excellent video, though.

All CezarsFriends
…Yet, not all Cezar’s friends, they are almost 30,000 on his page. If only they voted … you would have probably said we, Romanians, doubled our population !! I was there in Malmo, at the Arena, watching everybody live, including Cezar…and I did not see gays screaming with pleasure and singing with him, but ladies, a lot of, and all young and beautiful!! I was too, with a reporter curiosity, in the gays’ club in Malmo and noticed they have other musical preferences … As a Romanian I would also be very proud to know that my people voted so… Read more »

(continued from my previous post)

Can I imagine Nick Grimshaw playing “It’s My Life” on the BBC’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show on a regular basis? There’ll be national outrage in Blighty if it happens!


@Rusu Denisa

Before the Second Semi-Final has even started, I knew Romania’s entry this year wouldn’t fare well with the Eurovision juries. They simply found it far too cheesy for their liking and besides, Denmark won the Grand Final televoting section so Cezar will pretty much need to win both voting sections to seal the Eurovision title.

Can I imagine Nick G

Rusu Denisa

Romania, that every time it is not voted by Europe.
Europeans,wake up!!!
Romania is not an African country, is not a backward country, is the most beautiful country in Europe and is part of Europe,stop vote yours neighbors,vote impartially, according to the quality of song, stage, etc etc..
Romania would have to win Eurovision 2013 but the leaders of Eurovision boycotted the results and they have changed in such a way to win Denmark.
Shame leaders Eurovision shame on you, I hope to make an accident to escape the filth of humanity that will make them backstage.

You’ve been trolled. Smile and wave! There are trolling groups in Romania, probably this is their work and the result was overinflated by the loss of interest in Eurovision in other countries. One notorious example of a trolled contest in Romania is the local version of “The Voice” where they supported Stefan Stan the first year and Robert (an imitator of Michael Jackson) the second year. I must admit they a quite scary in their fanatic adulation. Hope they are not aiming at starting a revolution, it would be a Jacobin one. As to why this Eurovision blog was targeted… Read more »

I’m still listening to Anouk (Birds and the whole new album which is a masterpiece), Cascada (Glorious and their catalogue), Margaret Berger, Emmelie (mostly Hunters & prey), Dina Garipova.

I can’t believe that the #2 song this year failed to become a hit on charts..


I’ll just add that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out something is very very very weird when first place gets 4393 votes and second place gets only 246…

One might think it is the best song of the millennium, world wide…pu-leezzz


How can that f-ing be???
I mean, I can understand the visual show but the audio, the vocals are horrible, unlistenable and I’ll be damned if I have to replace all my broken glass/china because of that ludicrous pitch and sound frequency this narcissist performer shows off!
It is only my guess that most voters were Romanians???


I mostly listen to Cezar just for the pure entertainment value.. I have a good laugh with it 😀

Isis Veritas
Dear Wiwibloggs, please expose the votes received Caesar! We want to know if all are from Romania! And do not let .. posts denigrating Romania and the Romanians, Petar posted this! I insist not tolerate discriminatory attacks against Romania and Romanians! Caesar is an artist known throughout Europe for over 10 years! It is insulting to all European citizens and an artist of the stature of Caesar! Mr Petar knows nothing about this unique artist! About ten scenes of opera theaters in Europe that Caesar has delighted audiences for 10 years, long before Eurovision 2013! Besides, Mr. Petar should know… Read more »

The most different votes will always win this competitions. I mean, who isn’t still listening to 2009 Swedens La Voix or 2011 Irelands Lipstick twins. Because the songs are so much different then the other ones they are still unforgettable


LOL Did anyone notice Moldova and Belgium tied for 11th? Very much like their Eurovision result…

I’m still listening to most of the songs anyway. Sometimes I get in the mood for some Cezar-style absurdity, but I’m more of a fan of rocking out to Pred da se razdeni instead.


I love “It’s my life” and would surely vote for it – but seriously? 4,393 votes against 246 votes? Is this really a poll with valid votes?


@Petar: I concur. The rules that applied to Eurovision should have applied to this poll…

…But what do you do for the voters who live outside Europe? Is it even possible that Cezar got most of his 53.97% from places like the U.S., Australia, parts of South America and Asia? I watched the show in NYC, and I’m still listening to Albania, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Netherlands and Hungary.


@Petar, you think only romanians vote for romania? i m romanian and i didnt vote for our song! and the difference is to big to only be romanians


I’ve listened Armenia’s song more than before the contest.

Song Festival is about to celebrate it’s first anniversary. Over this time we have had many countries from around the world take part, with 11 editions. We want to celebrate this by having the biggest contest yet and we want you to become the delegation for a country. The contest has a unique process when compared to other online contests and rewards music with unique and well developed ideas. We want to promote different styles, cultures and genres in music around the world, and make the contest a true celebration of world music. I hope that you will join us… Read more »

Cezar Ouatu with “It’s my life” is and will be the best entry ! Best regards from Japan and Europe also .

Chris @ Another ESC Site

I never really liked Cesar’s song, so I’m overall surprised. I’m glad Montenegro made the top 10 though.


Normal result! Cesar won the televoting in second semifinal. It’s My life – semifinal video has over 3,5 million views. These tell everything.

Zachary Thomas

Over 4,000 votes and Norway only got 246? I get that Cezar has camp appeal but seriously, I think Romania is turning into the next Azerbaijan in terms of rabid fans…..


Err…the gap in the number of votes between 1st and 2nd place is way too huge, lol. Reminds me of an Eastern European political election 🙂


Cesar’s song was my favorite and still I hear the song. I love the song. It is one of the few songs on the ESC, I did not forget it.


I am not surprised. It’s the gay song/anthem this ESC year for the good and for the bad .. all gay guys listen to this even if they want to admit it, they wanna emulate that vocal and wear that dracula dress …everything that dwells gays into Eurovision is on that song. And the fact that it’s the most heard song on this poll proves me right. I rather go for Norway or Sweden instead.


No way! hahahahaha That’s perhaps the worst eurovision entry this year.


I find it fascinating that Montenegro made number 8, even though it was not in the final. I for one voted Montenegro and Greece, because I am one of those people that drive around in the summer with their radio blasting and the windows down, singing along loudly in a language I don’t understand. 🙂

margareta .?

is that beautiful magic voice off you cezar? full off emotion amaze my everitime .?.


Take out Romania and we’ll have realistic result. As I said before, you should forbid people to vote for their own countries or else Romania will win in every poll. Just try to do it. On other websites voting for own countries is forbiden and much better results are got. So I hope that you’ll do same next year.

Best regards,




Interesting result. Kind of suprised just how popular fans find this song. It’s just not my taste.

Irland still to Rola my boat at the gym. Annoke is still chilling my house in the evening along with the rest of her album and I might not me listenin to marry me anymore but krista’s album is suprisingly good.


What a surprise.