New York Showdown: Anna Bergendahl vs Getter Jaani

Anna Bergendahl, Sweden’s 2010 Eurovision representative, is back with a new single entitled ‘I Hate New York’.  Released around 2 weeks ago, it’s not her best effort, but it may be one of her most honest. The opening lyrics are ‘I Hate New York’. It seems like she wants to get her point across from the start!

We suspect she hates Oslo more. As you’ll remember, it was there she became the first and only Swedish Eurovision contestant to fail to make the final.

We also suspect that there will be at least one person that hates Anna for hating New York. Yes, Miss Estonia 2011 Getter Jaani, who sang “Rockefeller Street” at Eurovision. She’s got her own New York song out. It’s called ‘NYC Taxi.’ ‘I Hate New York’ is more of a ballad and ‘NYC Taxi’ is all fun, fun, fun.

Which song do you prefer? Listen to both of them below and then vote in our poll! Then let us know what you think in the comments section.

Anna’s song:

Getter’s song:


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Photo: Anna Bergendahl