Chen Ahroni, a former contestant at Kdam, the Israeli national selection for Eurovision, has made it through the first round of auditions on Britain’s X Factor.

Producers made a big deal about the fact Chen is already something of a star in Israel. His audition was broadcast on the X-tra Factor, where producers gather all the extra bits that don’t make it into the X Factor broadcast. As you can see in the video below they hint at his fourth place finish on “A Star is Born”—Israel’s biggest singing contest. For his audition he sang Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”. The judges had plenty to say—and it wasn’t all good. Louis Walsh said the performance “wasn’t amazing.” Sharon Osbourne criticized him for singing with his eyes shut. And Gary Barlow said he could name “10 to 15 singers who sing just like you sing and they’re in the charts right now.” Perhaps they are just creating drama beause they know Chen will steamroll the competition later?

Eurovision fans are more likely to know Chen for his song “Or”, which he competed with at Kdam 2011. He came fourth, losing out to Dana International and her song “Ding Dong”.

What do you think? Can Chen get far on X Factor UK? Were the judges being harsh beause he is already an established artist? Why all the hate?!

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Susan Reid

I think that the judges were way too harsh on him. They didn’t look like they wanted him in the competition. Their faces all went cold. I thought that he was fantastic and I can’t stop listening to him. He’s my favorite and I would buy his music.


Good Luck !!! 🙂

Padraig Muldoon

Can’t see him getting much further. As far as I remember no one has made it to the live shows unless their audition has been part of the main ITV show. The best Xtra Factor auditionees have ever done is Judges Houses. Although, I’ve a faint recollection that some of 1D or Little Mix may have been on Xtra. But I think the general rule of thumb is if you end up chatting with Caroline Flack you’re going home soon.