Norway: “Bombo” Girl Adelen Wins OGAE Second Chance Contest

The results of the 2013 OGAE Second Chance Contest are in—and Norway’s Adelén has come out on top! The “Bombo” singer—who likes to remind us that “the night is young” and that her “heart is light”—beat out 14 other finalists to take the coveted title. Winning a national selection is obviously a huge honor. But winning the OGAE Second Chance Contest suggests an artist’s song has longevity and, in another year, could have walked away with the national title.

Adelén—full name Adelén Rusillo Steen—has been one of our favourites since finishing second to Margaret Berger at the 2013 Melodi Grand Prix. Her number was a blast of sunshine in frigid Norway and totally melted our hearts. She went on to climb the charts and landed a massive contract with Simon Fuller, the man behind pop stars like Jennifer Lopez and Carrie Underwood. This Norwegian is going global, y’all.

The OGAE Second Chance Contest has been staged every summer since 1987. National branches of the OGAE are invited to enter one song that failed to win their national selection, and then members of each club and a guest jury vote for their favourite. Scandinavian countries have won six of the past seven contests. Spain’s Pastora Soler broke the Nordic grip in 2012 when she won with her song “Tu vida es tu vida”.

You can see the complete results below. Who do you think should have gone to Eurovision? And who do you hope tries again?

Complete Results

1. NORWAY: Adelen – “Bombo”

2. ITALY: Malika Ayane – “E poi”

3. HUNGARY: Gigi Radics – “ugy faj”

4. SWEDEN: YOHIO – “Heartbreak Hotel”

5. FINLAND: Mikael Saari – “We Should Be through”

6. SERBIA: Dusan Svilar – “Spas”

7. GERMANY: Blitzkids MVT – “Hearts on the line”

8. BELGIUM: Roberto Belarrosa – “Reste toi”

9. AUSTRIA: Yela – “Feels like home”

10. ISRAEL: Asi Tal – “All Night”

11. GREECE: Alex Leon feat. Georgina – “Angel”

12. ICELAND: Ylva Hreindís Svavar og Knutur – “Lífið snýst”

13. LITHUANIA: Gabrielius Vagelis – “sacrifise”

14. IRELAND: Aimee Fitzpatrick – “Crashing Down”

15. SPAIN: The Dream Morpheus – “Dare”

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Photo: NRK