Ukraine protests: Eurovision star Ruslana threathens to burn herself alive

Ruslana, the winner of Eurovision 2004, is known for her flair and drama, and she put those traits on display in a very public way as part of the ongoing protests in Kyiv’s Independence Square.

The “Wild Dances” singer, who is also a former parliamentarian, threatened to burn herself alive if Ukraine’s government doesn’t listen to the will of the people who are increasingly fed up with the leadership looking toward Moscow rather than to the West.

“I’ll be honest, I can burn myself on this square, unless changes occur,” she said.

The drama kicked off two weeks ago when Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych announced that he didn’t want to sign an association agreement with the EU. Angry Ukrainians took to the streets to protest. Many would have followed Ruslana, who has been one of the leaders of the rally since day one.

She has been standing on her soapbox throughout the Ukraine protests.

“It is not about political parties, but about the people who want to lead a better life,” she said. “A government that is doing something like that to our children has lost all justification!….The injuries may heal, but the emotional scars of the brutal assault the young people will not come to terms with so soon.”

We hope that Kiev will return to peace, and Ruslana doesn’t burn herself.

William Cahill contributed this report from Ireland. Follow the team from on Twitter @wiwibloggs and keep up with the latest Eurovision news by liking our Facebook page.