Listen: Sasha Bognibov submits My Lesbian Girl in Moldova

One of the very few submissions to Moldova’s national contest O melodie pentru Europa is Sasha Bognibov’s song “My Lesbian Girl”. The eye-grabbing title is Sasha’s 13th attempt to represent his country at Eurovision. Could it be a matter of 13th time lucky?

Sasha Bognibov announced that he submitted the song for consideration on his Facebook page. Judging by the merits of the song alone, we’re afraid that the answer would be a resounding “No.” Moldova is known to bringing the crazy on the Eurovision stage, but not the weak. Despite the intriguing title and the provocative lyrics (“you’re my lesbian girl in a lesbian world”), the vocals are flat and the overall quality of the melody makes it sound like a joke rather than a serious contender for Eurovision, and it reeks of gimmick.

Nonetheless, how funny would it be if Moldova sent this? Wouldn’t Russia, who is not known for its tolerance, have a heart attack?

In related Eurovision trivia, Sasha Bognibov also auditioned for Moldova’s Got Talent show, performing Andrius Pojavis’ song “Something” which represented Lithuania in Malmö last year. In the preview, we learn that Sasha works as an English teacher and that one of his hobbies is to be photographed. Jump to the 1:17 mark for the live performance:

Unfortunately for Sasha Bognibov, he did not advance to the next phase of the show.

Are you surprised? And what are the chances that Sasha could advance to the semifinals of O melodie pentru Europa with “My Lesbian Girl”?

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