Romania: Alexandra Stan “considering” Eurovision

Internationally acclaimed pop star Alexandra Stan, one of the names we put forward as potential winners of Eurovision for Romania, is reportedly considering submitting a song to Selectia Nationala 2014, as part of her comeback.

For now, it is just a rumour, fueled by Alexandra herself. She told an inquiring fan that a decision regarding her participation would be made public soon. The fact that she did not decline, as she did in the past, is regarded by many as a “Yes”. But first, for those of you who have just emerged from under a stone, who is Alexandra Stan? And why would she say yes now?

Born in 1989 in Constanta, Romania, Alexandra Stan first shot to fame at the end of 2009, when her debut single peaked at number 18 in the national charts. However, it was her sophomore release in 2010, “Mr. Saxobeat”, that brought her international acclaim, and her musical career skyrocketed.
With “Mr. Saxobeat” and her album “Saxobeats”, Alexandra Stan stormed the charts all over Europe, but also in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Brazil. She was voted “Best Romanian Act” at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards. Subsequent singles also did well, although she is yet to reach the worldwide success of “Mr. Saxobeat” again.

In the summer of 2013, her career took a wrong turn when her manager/boyfriend, Marcel Prodan, beat her senseless, which outraged the fans and the musical industry alike. Alexandra decided to annul her contract with Prodan, sue him (the trial is pending), cancel all her concerts, and take a six-month break.

Which brings us to today, when Alexandra Stan is planning her big comeback. On January 15, the day that Selectia Nationala submission window opened, Alexandra announced her fans that they are in for a surprise. The fact that she did not deny rumours that she is planning her Eurovision debut is making many of them hopeful that this is the year that Alexandra Stan finally enters – and wins – Eurovision. She recently recorded an upbeat song which, according to our sources, is Eurovision material, and is said to be in talks with her new management team to submit it to TVR’s national selection.

We reached out to Alexandra Stan for comment, but she is yet to respond.

Until we have official confirmation or denial, what do you think about a possible bid from Alexandra Stan? Could she beat Paula Seling & Ovi or Stefan Stan & TeddyK? And what are her chances of bringing the Eurovision trophy to Bucharest?

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