Moldova: TRM admits mistake, will hear all songs live on Saturday

Moldovan broadcaster TRM announced that, after analyzing the appeals filed by three candidates, the organizers and jury of O melodie pentru Europa decided to accept all songs submitted this year, and not just 40, as announced earlier this week. Apparently, there was a “technical mistake” regarding the number of songs qualifying for the live audition phase. And y’all know what this means, right? “My Lesbian Girl” is back in the game!

The good news does not end here. The live auditions, which will take place this Saturday, will be broadcast live on Moldova 1 starting 10:00 AM CET. Fun, fun, fun!

Meanwhile, two artists, who also submitted their songs to the Lithuanian selection – which was not against the rules of the Moldovan selection – decided to withdraw from O melodie pentru Europa on Wednesday. Vitalie Maciunschi (stage name: Ray Gligor) and Nicoleta Fiodorova (Nicollette) decided that they have better chances in Eurovizijos with their respective songs.

Also, TRM has published all songs, which can be found here (the initially accepted 40, minus the withdrawn artists) and here (the initially rejected 21 songs). Besides the songs that we mentioned last time, here are a few more that caught our ears:

Cristina Scarlat, who promised a great show with “Wild Soul”:

Boris Covali, whose song “Flying” reminds us of Dima Bilan:

Doinita Gherman, who is trying to win us over with her infectious “Energy”:

Rodica Olisveschi, who sounds like an American folk artist on “Without You”:

As we said earlier, O melodie pentru Europa is turning to be quite the competition this year. The overall quality of the songs is very good and we are very excited to see who advances to the semi-finals on Saturday!

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