Melodifestivalen: Listen to the studio versions of tonight’s songs

SVT has released the studio versions of tonight’s competing songs for the first semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2014. You can listen to each of the eight competing songs below, and can take a look at the artists’ drawings. Apparently singing isn’t their own talent!


YOHIO“To the End”

In his second attempt to win #melfest, YOHIO sings “To The End”, a rather classic-rock entry. It’s better suited for Eurovision than his previous entry “Heartbreak Hotel”. It is not a winning song, but it’s very nice, with good music and lyrics. YOHIO (along with his fireworks) can 100% support this mainstream number.



Mahan Moin – “Aloa”

Well, that’s… different. You will definitely hear it in Swedish clubs (remixed, of course), although it cannot represent Sweden. It’s oriental and Asian sounds remind us of Tooji’s “Stay”, with one common feature: both songs seem to have been conceived to finish last, in any competition. There are also some parts “Pasho pasho, e – e Pasho pasho, o – o – o” or “Get up, get up, get up, Get up, get up, get up” which are definitely not going anywhere. How did they survive the edit?!



Linus Svenning“Broder”

THE ballad of the show. Nice lyrics set to music that escalates and a ryhthm that draws you in. It’s everything that a serious Eurovision broadcaster searches for. It reminds us of some Serbian and Bulgarian entries from years past, with the drums and the lyrics, especially in the chorus: “Kära brö..der, Kära kära brö..ö..der.” This should easily pass through to the Andra Chansen.



Elisa Lindstrom“Casanova”

Is that country-like? Yes it is… Elisa could have a better song. One that isn’t so weird and full of meaningless lyrics. If it wins #melfest (impossible), Sweden should seek advice from Germany’s entry back on 2006. Only the choreography and the confetti can save her from total failure. BTW: her dress does not fit with the the song. She clearly stumbled into a burlesque performer’s dressing room by accident.



Alvaro Estrella – “Bedroom”

Everything about this is nice—except for his appearance, the chorus, the music, and the cubes which remind us of Sakis (2009) and Farid (2013). In other words it’s crap. Melodifestivalen, though, is always unpredictable! I expect this will proceed to Andra Chansen….along with “Oho” x 9 times and “Boom” x 57 times!



Ellen Benediktson – “Songbird”

A slow ballad, something like the Netherlands’ “Birds” from 2013. Could easily become a radio success. It’s very slow… If a pair of ballerinas are not included in that, it’s definitely going to fail. However, there is a chance that Swedes will vote for her thanks to her sweet, young voice. She certainly looks wholesome and demure coming after Elisa! Regardless, I’ll be taking a nap during this.



Sylvester Schlegel – “Bygdens son”

Well, he sounds old. His “Bygdens son” is boring, too boring. Only in a very few parts (mainly the bits without lyrics) can I charaterize this as a success. Even so, it may pass through to Andra Chansen. He looks good, and I think Elisa should ask if she can borrow this for the evening.



Helena Paparizou – “Survivor”

Perfect lyrics. Perfect backdrop. Perfect appearance. Helena sings a fantastic ballad infused with a rock edge. This could very well give her her second win at Eurovision, this time for Sweden. She pay a lot of attention to her hand motions, which will entice the Swedes to vote for her. We will 100% see her in the final in Friends Arena!


So, everything is ready for a great show to begin! Enjoy the performances, and don’t forget to vote!

Billy Xifaras contributed this report from Greece. Follow him on Twitter at @bill_xifaras. You can also keep up-to-date on the latest Eurovision news and liking our Facebook page.

Photos: SVT