Romania: Our Picks for Selectia Nationala Final

The window for submissions in Romania closed at midnight last night and the Selectia Nationala jury will meet to select the 12 finalists on 19 and 20 February. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have an idea about who will be in the national final on 1 March. Which, by the way, will not take place in Bucharest this year, but in the Transylvanian city of Brasov, at Sica Alexandrescu Theater.

From our sources, a record number of songs – 272 – were submitted to broadcaster TVR, out of which we listened to about 50 or so. [Update: the official number is 160 – still a record for Romania.]

Also from our sources, we know that Alexandra Stan did not enter Selectia Nationala after all, although she is yet to officially confirm this information. And, as we mentioned yesterday, Mihai Traistariu did a 180 and decided against submitting “I’m Sorry”.

This leaves us with four hot favourites: Paula Seling and Ovi’s “Miracle”, Stefan Stan and TeddyK’s “Breathe”, Anca Florescu’s “Hearts Collide”, Cobzality’s “Steaua din vis”, which are all but certain to be in the national final.

Who could be the remaining entries? From what we’ve listened to so far, these are our picks:

Transgender singer Naomy, who left the country and now resides in Switzerland, sent “Daca tu iubesti” (If You Love) to Selectia Nationala and we’d love to see her in the final:

Vizi Imre, The Voice – Romania finalist, who submitted this catchy retro number:

Mirela Boureanu Vaida, a highly popular TV presenter and singer, entered this waltz:

Newcomer Lea Mar sent in this impressive ballad:

Speaking of the sun and newcomers, Ringtone sent this cute song:

Emmah Toris, a breakthrough alternative artist, submitted this interesting song:

There are a few names who have not revealed their songs yet, but we think they’ll be in the final. Like Andreea Olariu, another former The Voice contestant, whose yet to be released dance song “Kumbaya” is rumoured to be written by Thomas G:Son, or X Factor Romania winner Tudor Turcu, last year’s Selectia Nationala finalist. Also, we cannot discount the British-Romanian duo Krystal Mills and Mircea Cioclei, although we’ve only listened to their teaser so far.

Of course, these are just our gut choices, but we’re sure that there are some surprises ahead of us among all the unknown entries. If last year is any indication, no one is a safe winner in Romania’s selection. As some of our readers have suggested,  Selectia Nationala 2014 is shaping up to be even harder than Eurovision itself. Whoever emerges as winner at the end will be anyone’s guess.

Is your favorite on our list? Who do you think will win on the big night? Let us know below!

Bogdan Honciuc is a Romania-based correspondent for You can follow him on Twitter @stingovision. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.