Eurovizijos: Attention to represent Lithuania!

After blaring the same songs week after week, disqualifying a contestant, and actually postponing tonight’s show by a day, Lithuania has finally selected their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. The song final was held between three songs, and were performed by the three remaining artists Vaidas Baumila, Mia and Vilija Mataciunaite. Each presented their own unique version of each song, meaning that Lithuanians had to sit through nine performances (of varying quality). #exhausting.The result was determined by combining points from the Lithuanian and international juries, and votes from the Lithuanian public.

“Attention,” written by Viktoras Vaupšas and Vilija Mataciunaite, came out on top.

The artist, who will represent Lithuania with “Attention” will get chosen next Saturday, 1st March.

Eurovizijos results:

Jury points:


1. Attention – 2,732

2. Take A Look At Me Now – 2,484

3. It’s All About A Boy – 205

This result was similar to a poll we conducted in recent days, which found “Attention” and “Take a Look at Me Now” neck-and-neck, with “It’s All About a Boy” way back in last place.

1. Take A Look At Me Now 79 votes, 40.31%

2. Attention 73 votes, 37.24%

3. It’s All About A Boy 44 votes, 22.45%

Winning song:

Here’s all performances of the winning song so far.

What do you think of the song? Which of the artists performed it the best? Let your opinion out in the comment section below!

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Photo: LRT