I bet all y’all are dying to know when Hersiana Matmuja will release the ESC version of her song Zemërimi i një nate (One Night’s Anger). The release date of Zemërimi i një nate (One Night’s Anger) has been a mystery these days. The premiere of the song will be early next week. The EBU have informed us that the song will be released sometime next week. It will be uploaded on Eurovision.tv’s official Youtube channel. Previously it has been said the song was going to be out on March 15.

Hersi Matmuja had a great time filming the official video of her entry. We’ve made a sneak peak video of Hersi filming the song. We know y’all are waiting for the song!

Theres’ been speculation that Hersi will be singing in English in Copenhagen, as Eurovision.tv has changed Hersi’s song title to just ‘One Night’s Anger’ in her official bio which you can find here. It’s a signal that she might sing in English. However, there’s still no official confirmation from Hersiana. The video clip is being produced and filmed in Albania right now.

In our interview with Hersiana, we asked if she is going to sing in Albanian or another language. “I think I will sing it in English, but we’re still considering all the options,” she told me. A lot of fans have said they want her to sing in her native tongue, Albanian but we’ll have to wait and see. Be ready early next week!

This is the original version of the Albanian entry. You can see it’s 38 seconds too long! There have been rumours that the intro has been removed in the final ESC version.

What language do you think that Hersi will choose? If you were in charge of doing the revamp, what part would you delete? We would love to know what you think! So please comment below.

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I think that those albanians interested in the contest would prefer the song in their language. You can argue me that, in the last six years, all the eurovision winners have sung in english, but there are a lot of singers who sing in english year by year and they never have won. The final decision depends on Hersi and her team. My advice is simple: if I were you, I would sing in albanian, but however, due to the fact that the song is very good in itself, we will enjoy the english version without feeling any difference than… Read more »

Can’t wait too!!!! Yay, a date to mark in the calendar 😀 The Albanian version is what we’re accustomed to listening to now, so it’ll be interesting when we hear the switch.


I don’t think we should say we wouldn’t like an English version until we’ve heard it. It could be even more amazing than the Albanian version. Herciana has my favourite song right now, and if she puts it in English, she may have a chance at winning, since it’s a common fact non-English songs can barely ever win sadly.

Melissa J

I have never so badly wanted a song in Albanian as I do “One Night’s Anger.” I really hope she keeps it in Albanian.


Herciana’s song is really good. She can be in the final easily. I really want to listen english version but this albanian version is really good. If language changes, song’s emotion can change and this song dont need to change.


WOO-HOO! March 20, one day before my birthday. Can’t wait to hear the final product.


Correcta cancion,pero poco festivalera


She has a great chance for a high place. This is one of the largest the favorites this year.