Sweden: Sanna Nielsen wins Melodifestivalen with “Undo”

In recent days everyone has called Melodifestivalen 2014 as a race between two ladies: schlager diva Sanna Nielsen and up-and-comer Ace Wilder. Well, the Swedish public and an international jury have now spoken and Sanna has won #melfest with her song “Undo”. After years of near misses, it proved to be 7th time lucky for Miss Nielsen. Looks like you’ve finally “undone her sad”.

Ace won the jury vote with 97 points to Sanna’s 90. At this point we were fairly certain that Ace was going to take it. Surely her momentum on Spotify and iTunes meant that the public would back her. We thought her daring and off-kilter effort would alienate the jury more than the televoters. But we were proven wrong when Sanna won the televoting with 122 points to Ace’s 113. That meant that overall Sanna finished just two points ahead of Ace.

This is the narrowest margin of victory ever recorded at Melodifestivalen. That record was previously held by Martin Stenmarck. In 2005 he defeated Nanne Grönvall by just three points. According to Expressen, the different in televotes was slightly more than 5,000—again, the lowest margin in the contest’s history.

Melodifestivalen Final Results

1st Place with 212 Points: Sanna Nielsen — “Undo”
2nd Place with 210 Points: Ace Wilder — “Busy Doing Nothin”

3rd Place with 110 Points: Alcazar — “Blame it on the Disco”

4th Place with 84 Points: Helena Paparizou — “Survivor”

5th Place with 83 Points: Linus Svenning — “Bröder”
6th Place with 82 Points: YOHIO — “To the End”
7th Place with 61 Points: Ellen Benedicktson — “Songbird”
8th Place with 53 Points: Oscar Zia — “Yes We Can”
9th Place with 33 Points: Panetoz — “Efter Solsken”
10th Place with 18 Points: Anton Ewald — “Natural”

Melodifestivalen Televoting Results

1) Sanna Nielsen — “Undo” with 122 points

2) Ace Wilder — “Busy Doing Nothin'” with 113 points

3) Alcazar — “Blame it on the Disco” with 48 points

4) YOHIO — “To the End” with 43 points

5) Linus Svenning — “Bröder” with 37 points

6) Ellen Benedicktson — “Songbird” with 30 points

7) Helena Paparizou — “Survivor” with 27 points

8) Oscar Zia — “Yes We Can” with 21 points

9) Panetoz — “Efter Solsken” with 18 points

10) Anton Ewald — “Natural” with 14 points

Melodifestivalen Jury Results

1) Ace Wilder — “Busy Doing Nothin'” with 97 points

2) Sanna Nielsen — “Undo” with 90 points

3) Alcazar —  “Blame it on the Disco” with 62 points

4) Helena Paparizou — “Survivor” with 57 points

5) Linus Svenning — “Bröder” with 46 points

6) YOHIO — “To the End” with 39 points

7) Oscar Zia — “Yes We Can” with 32 points

8) Ellen Benedicktson — “Songbird” with 31 points

9) Panetoz — “Efter Solsken” with 15 points

10) Anton Ewald — “Natural” with 4 points

Billy Xifaras contributed this report from Greece. Follow him on Twitter at @bill_xifaras. You can also keep up-to-date on the latest Eurovision news and liking our Facebook page.